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Lauren has an MSc in Biostatistics from the University of Toronto and has previously worked as a Biostatician for two pediatric psychiatric genetics labs at SickKids. She is currently an MSc student in Dr. Anna Goldenberg’s lab. In her work, Lauren is focused on developing and applying statistical machine learning methods primarily in the area of data integration for improved translational discovery in the fields of genetics and genome biology. Lauren has also created custom R programming and data analysis courseware and taught over 200 trainees and scientists in the SickKids research program.
Gregory develops and implements clinical genomic tests focusing on molecular profiling of tumour specimens for Toronto General Hospital and Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. His PhD from the University of Guelph explored the maize developmental transcriptome, showing how patterns of co-regulation can help us to understand the function of unannotated genes.
Dr. Bader develops biological network analysis and pathway information resources. He created the Biomolecular Interation Network Database (BIND, http://bind.ca) while working on his PhD and currently helps lead development of the free Cytoscape network visualization and analysis software (http://cytoscape.org/).