UPDATE: All job posters (old and new) will need to create/recreate an account, as this is a new website. Detailed instructions are below.

Posting your jobs on bioinformatics.ca will increase the visibility of your opportunity and attract top talent within the bioinformatics field. Once your job is approved, not only is it added to our Job Postings section, but it’s also mailed out to our jobs mailing list and tweeted on our jobs Twitter feed. Best of all, there is no charge for posting your job!

To qualify as a bioinformatics.ca job, we simply require two things:

  1. The Position must be bioinformatics related.
  2. Canadians must be eligible to apply for the position. For full-time positions outside of Canada, we will include the statement: “Applications from Canadian citizens are welcome”.

How to Set Up a Job Posting Account

Register for a Job Posting Account on bioinformatics.ca

Fill out the form here to set up your account. Once complete, you will see a QR code. Do not navigate away from this page.

Set up your 2-factor authentication (2FA) app

Download a 2-factor authentication (2FA) app such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator and set up an account following the app instructions. When this is complete, keep this app open.

Enable 2-factor authentication for bioinformatics.ca

Use the 2FA app from step 2 to scan the QR code generated by bioinformatics.ca after completing step 1. (Note: If you are using a web interface for your 2FA, you can type the code manually.) Your 2FA app should now display a code for bioinformatics.ca with your username. When finished, click I’m Ready below the QR code on bioinformatics.ca.

Authenticate your account

Look in your 2FA app to find the code associated with your bioinformatics.ca account. This code should change periodically. Type this code into the new pop-up box on your screen and click Validate & Save Configuration.

View your job posting dashboard

After a successful 2FA login, you will be taken to your Jobs Dashboard. Click Add new Job to post your first job.

How to Post a Job

Create an account or log in if you already have an account

Register or log in to your Job Posting account.

Select ‘Post a Job’ from your user dashboard
Fill out the Job Posting Form

Note: If your job is not eligible for Canadian applicants, you will be unable to submit the form.

Review and approval

Your Job will be reviewed by the bioinformatics.ca team. This process usually takes up to 5 business days.

Your job is posted!
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