CBW Alumni

I would like to register my admiration for the wonderful organization of this event. In all respects, everything was well organized. The course was full of informative information for us. All lectures were on a high level and full of updated knowledge and technologies. I benefited greatly from the CBW program. I highly recommended this workshop for anyone looking for a high dose of bioinformatics enrichments in a short period!

Mohsen Alhejaily, BSc. MSc. PhD.c., Pathology and Molecular Medicine, Cancer Research Institute

I have worked in bioinformatics for three years, but the Bioinformatics for Cancer Genomics workshop gave me a fresh knowledge boost. Many great speakers presented a broad range of topics in a concise and yet accessible way whilst hands-on tutorials enabled me and other workshop participants to put theory into practise. However, I most enjoyed the vivid discussions with speakers and bioinformaticians from all over the world during lunch and coffee breaks, which helped me to deepen my understanding of contemporary bioinformatics and to foster fresh collaborations.

Joachim Baran, PhD, Database/Application Programmer, Informatics and Bio-computing, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

This was an impressive course with several very skilled instructors, allowing even me with minimal background on the subject to keep up and learn quite a lot about several facets of bioinformatics approaches. Furthermore, the course material covered is very hard to find in one place anywhere else. The skills picked up here will definitely come in handy in my research work with microarray analysis and RNA-Seq data in the future.

Dr. Jobin K. Varughese, MD PhD, University of Bergen, Norway

I wanted to thank you again for all of the work you put into organizing the Bioinformatics for Cancer Genomics workshop back in September. I’ve succeeded in arranging an internship at The Center for Applied Genomics — I just started there this week! My attendance at the workshop was invaluable in my getting this arrangement.

Robert Ziman, Bioinformatics Programmer, The Center for Applied Genomics

The workshop did an amazing job to educate me in bioinformatics, both in terms of the underlying science and in terms of practical tools, techniques and on-line resources. I can’t imagine a more effective two-week exposure. The presenters and TAs were first rate. I was impressed with their willingness and ability to convey excitement, enthusiasm and knowledge in a way that I could grasp. It was great to work cooperatively with fellow attendees as a team. The diversity of backgrounds and interests was an unexpected bonus. We all worked hard but, we also had fun.

Dr. Bob Woodham, Former Chair of Department of Computer Science, University of British Columbia

The workshop was an excellent and quick exposure to the tools I need for my research.

Dr. Felix Braden, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, Simon Fraser University

The bioinformatics workshops have put a computer engineer at the same level and maybe beyond most biologists in regards of bioinformatics knowledge and technology. After this workshop I can truly work head to head with researchers at the University of Puerto Rico, and at other Puerto Rico institutions. I took the decision to go all the way to Canada to learn bioinformatics and I don’t regret it. This workshop series has been a great experience and a very powerful tool for my professional work.

Carlos M Rodriguez, Head of High Performance Computing facility, University of Puerto Rico

Good work, please keep it up and add more workshops to the series. I hope that the funding agencies to continually support a nice Canadian scientific (educational) initiative to enable and encourage the students and other applicants an affordable opportunity to enhance their scientific skills.

Dr. JT. Reddy, Ph.D., Bioinformatics Consultant, University of Washington

I found the Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops extremely valuable to my research. They expanded the breadth of my knowledge of genomics and proteomics and gave me what I consider to be state of the art tools for bioinformatics analysis of DNA and protein sequence data. Two collaborations have grown out of the contacts I made through the bioinformatics workshop and I made several good friendships.

Dr. Felix D. Guerrero, Research Physiologist, Knipling-Bushland, Texas

The courses offered in this series are of very a high standard taught by the leading experienced and knowledgeable teachers and teaching assistants. I highly recommend the courses to all biologists, biomedical scientists and computer scientists with a strong interest in bioinformatics. Thanks to CGDN for organizing the workshop and CBDN for the financial support. It was the best postgraduate course series I have ever attended.

Dr. Dipankar Das, Research Associate, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Alberta