The Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops (CBW) offered through focuses on training in leading technologies and the latest methods being used in computational biology to work with these data.

These include high-throughput sequencing data, protein-protein interaction data, metabolomics, epigenomics data and all the visual, statistical and command-line tools necessary to perform bioinformatics work.

Our Impact at a Glance

CBW’s leadership, faculty and students from across Canada have accomplished measurable advances in knowledge, advancing the field of bioinformatics.

CBW has been teaching Bioinformatics for more than 20 years

CBW has taught over 200+ workshops


CBW has taught 4000+ students

CBW has offered all its material open for reuse free of charge

Our Team

The team acts as the leadership and communication hub for CBW, and is responsible for supporting and coordinating education activities to achieve the CBW’s goals and objectives.

Our Education Advisory Board Committee

Each committee member brings expert knowledge and experience, which is critical to the success of CBW as it provides a link to the broader research and training environments that enable maintenance of CBW’s currency and sustainability.