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The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) is seeking a Bioinformatician II to join the PanCuRx team at OICR. The PanCuRx Program is a translational research initiative that aims to significantly improve the lives of patients with pancreatic adenocarcinoma by generating new knowledge about genetic and biologic subsets of disease, mechanisms of tumorigenesis, and unique treatment options. We are generating multiple independent genomic analyses, including next-generation whole genome and whole transcriptome sequencing. Rich clinical annotation is also available for these samples, and analyses are performed on cutting-edge IT infrastructure including a multi-petabyte storage system and 6,500-core compute cluster.



• To design, implement and apply algorithms for the analysis of whole genome and RNA sequencing data;

• To automate data analysis and reporting tasks;

• To interpret and integrate diverse datasets;

• To perform downstream data modeling, including visualization, pathway analysis and clinical association studies.


• Skill and knowledge acquired through completion of Master’s Degree in biological sciences, computer sciences, computational biology, engineering, or mathematics;

• Experience in a unix/linux environment;

• Experience in high performance computing;

• Exposure to next-generation sequencing data;

• Able to manage large Databases;

• Knowledge of scripting languages (e.g Perl), statistical environments (e.g. R) and database programming (e.g. SQL) is required;

• Knowledge of molecular and/or cancer biology is beneficial;

• Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) in a multi-disciplinary team environment; and • All candidates must be able to function proficiently in English.


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