Pathway and Network Analysis of -omics Data

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Course Objectives

The CBW has developed a 2.5-day course covering the bioinformatics concepts and tools available for interpreting a gene list using pathway and network information. The workshop focuses on the principles and concepts required for analyzing and conducting pathway and network analysis on a gene list from any organism, although focus will be on human and model eukaryotic organisms.

Specifically, we will focus on:

  • getting more information about a gene list;
  • discovering what pathways are enriched in a gene list (and using it for hypothesis generation);
  • finding out how a set of genes is connected by e.g. protein interactions and identifying pathways, systems and modules within this network;
  • predicting gene function and extending a gene list;
  • identifying master regulators, such as transcription factors, active in the experiment.

We will develop a unified analysis flow chart throughout the course that students will be able to follow after the workshop to conduct their own analysis.

Course Material