Bioinformatics for Cancer Genomics (BiCG) New

Course Objectives

Cancer research has rapidly embraced high throughput technologies into its research, using various microarray, tissue array, and next generation sequencing platforms. The result has been a rapid increase in cancer data output and data types. Now more than ever, having the informatic skills and knowledge of available bioinformatic resources specific to cancer is critical. The CBW will host a 5-day workshop covering the key bioinformatics concepts and tools required to analyze cancer genomic data sets. Participants will gain experience in genomic data visualization tools which will be applied throughout the development of the skills required to analyze cancer -omic data for gene expression, genome rearrangement, somatic mutations and copy number variation. The workshop will conclude with analyzing and conducting pathway analysis on the resultant cancer gene list and integration of clinical data.

Course Material

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Module 1: Introduction to cancer genomics (2012) (Faculty: John McPherson)

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Networking Social Lunch

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Module 2: Visualizing Cancer Genomic Data (2012) (Faculty: Francis Ouellette)

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Module 3: Gene Expression Profiling (2012) (Faculty: Paul Boutros)

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Module 4: Genome rearrangements (2012) (Faculty: John McPherson, Faculty: Richard de Borja)

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Module 5: Copy Number Alterations (2012) (Faculty: Sohrab Shah)

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Module 6: Somatic Mutations (2012) (Faculty: Sohrab Shah)

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Module 7: RNA-seq Analysis (2012) (Faculty: Malachi Griffith)

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Module 8: Pathway Analysis & Biological Interpretation (Faculty: Gary Bader)

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Guest Lecture

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Hosted Social

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Module 8 - Continued: Pathway Analysis & Biological Interpretation (Faculty: Gary Bader)

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Module 9: Integration of Clinical Data (2012) (Faculty: Anna Lapuk)

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