Bioinformatics Experts

The investigators on the people page are those interested in Bioinformatics in Canada. These include practitioners as well as developers of algorithms, databases or resources. Principal investigators and group leaders from academia, government labs and industry are welcome on this page. All present have an interest in the development of bioinformatics resources in Canada.

First Name Last Name Affiliation Interest/Expertise
AnoopAnoop SarkarSarkar Computing Science - Simon Fraser University Application of probabilistic language modeling techniques to various problems in bioinformatics
DavidDavid BaillieBaillie Simon Fraser University Comparative genomics; expression analysis; pathogenomics; ecogenomics; envirogenomics
RyanRyan BrinkmanBrinkman Terry Fox Laboratory, BC Cancer Research Centre Flow Cytometry Bioinformatics
AnneAnne CondonCondon The University of British Columbia Design and analysis of algorithms; biomolecular computation; RNA secondary structure prediction
AllenAllen DelaneyDelaney Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre Analysis of High Throughput Data and Pathway Modeling
ArvindArvind GuptaGupta Simon Fraser University Computational phylogeny, combinatorial algorithms especially as they relate to bioinformatics.
BobBob HancockHancock Microbiology and Immunology, UBC Analysis of regulatory networks in innate immunity in human cells; Genome annotation; array studies of human cells and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, fungal, human and mouse genes; identification of novel targets for antibiotic intervention
PhilPhil HieterHieter Michael Smith Laboratories, UBC Comparative genomics; sage
HolgerHolger HoosHoos The University of British Columbia Combinatorial problems; AI; gene identification; sequence analysis
MiguelMiguel AndradeAndrade Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine DNA microarray data analysis; data and text mining; genomics; protein sequence analysis
StevenSteven JonesJones Genome Sciences Centre Large scale sequencing and physical mapping; sequence anlysis; Gene regulation
MarcoMarco MarraMarra Genome Sciences Centre Large scale sequencing and physical mappingl comparative genomics; regulation of transcription
DixieDixie MagerMager Terry Fox-UBC Comparative genomics of multigene families; distribution and functions of mammalian retroelements; molecular evolution; epigenetics, endogenous retroviruses, immunogenetics
RaymondRaymond NgNg The University of British Columbia Large scale data mining; health informatics problems; high dimensionality with small smaple sizes; data quality and robustness; parallel and high performance computing
FrancisFrancis OuelletteOuellette Ontario Institute for Cancer Research Providing data provenance and openness of code, data and literature is essential to doing science. We work on next-gen sequence analysis pipelines, ICGC database curation and data coordination, Web development, and bioinformatics training and outreach.
StevenSteven PelechPelech Kinexus Bioinformatics Corp. + University of British Columbia Proteome analysis; signal transduction pathways analysis, disease marker identification, drug target identification
FredericFrederic PioPio Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, SFU Apoptosis;proteomics, bioinformatics
ShivShiv PrasadPrasad University of British Columbia Gene expression; microarray analysis
ChrisChris UptonUpton University of Victoria Sequencing and anlysis of viruses (RNA and DNA); development of tools to organize, manipulate and analyze viral genomes (especially large genomes)
GertraudGertraud BurgerBurger Robert-Cedergren Center for Bioinformatics and Genomics, Dept. Biochemistry, Universit Genome and EST sequencing; comparative and evolutionary genomics; development of sequence analysis tools, integrated databases and workbench environments.
B.B. Franz LangFranz Lang Département de Biochimie, Université de Montréal comparative and evolutionary genomics; comparative modelling of RNAs; genome assembly and annotation; databases and workbenches; molecular phylogenetics;
JeanJean MorissetteMorissette Centre de recherche du CHUL Genetic, radiation hydrid and physical map; gene localization; gene expression;microarrays.
GregoryGregory ButlerButler Dept of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Concordia University bioinformatics technology, algorithms, software, databases
JaniceJanice GlasgowGlasgow Queen's University Molecular scene analysis; intelligent systems for crystal growth; microarray analysis;
AnthonyAnthony BonnerBonner artificial intelligence; data mining; machine learning; gene function prediction; inferring gene networks; tandem mass spectrometry; genome mapping; database systems
QuentinQuentin CronkCronk University of British Columbia Interested in microarray mapping (i.e. patterns of gene expression or comparative genomic hybridizatiuon along chromosomes). Co-developer of microarray mapping web tool, Camas
ChristopherChristopher HogueHogue Unleashed Informatics. Biomolecular Interaction Network Database; protein folding; 3D visualization tools;
KaizhongKaizhong ZhangZhang Computer Sscience, University of Western Ontario Pattern matching and discovery; RNA structural alignment and comparison;
BrianBrian FristenskyFristensky Department of Plant Science, University of Manitoba DNA sequence analysis software; gene array analysis; creation and manipulation of local database subsets; Statistical properties of databases
RussRuss GreinerGreiner Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta Machine learning; whole proteome analysis; medical informatics; predictive models; SNPs; microarrays; metabolomics
DanielDaniel KoblerKobler Tm Bioscience Corporation Combinatorial problems, graph theory; design of algorithms; computational biology
ParvinParvin MousaviMousavi School of Computing, Queen's University Machine learning, Knowledge discovery from microarray data, Systems biology, Medical image processing
FionaFiona BrinkmanBrinkman Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, SFU Genomic epidemiology; microbial evolution; metagenomics; microbiome analysis; bacterial protein subcellular localization; genome annotation; ontologies and data standards; data integration
KenKen BarkerBarker Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary Data aspects of bioinformatics; database integration; Datawarehousing technolgies;
WilliamWilliam CrosbyCrosby Department of Biological Sciences - University of Windsor Gene annotation strategies and tools; Development of information management tools
WarrenWarren J. GallinJ. Gallin Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta Comparative proteomics; molecular phylogeny; functional protein evolution; protein structure/function studies; machine learning
RoyRoy A. GravelA. Gravel Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary Genetic basis of metabolic disease; gene finding based on phylogenetic comparisons; vitamin B12, biotin metabolism and regulation
SeanSean HemmingsenHemmingsen Plant Biotechnology Institute - NRC Database management; DNA sequence-based identification and classification of microorganisms;
ChristianChristian JacobJacob Dept. of Computer Science and Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Calgary Emergent Computing in Biological Networks - Collective Intelligence, Swarm Intelligence, Learning and Evolution Immune System Computing - Artificial Immune Systems, Modeling and Simulation Evolutionary Computing - Evolutionary and Swarm Design, Genetic Programming, Genome Programming Bioinformatics - Biocomputing, Swarm-based Modeling of Biomolecular Systems
AnthonyAnthony J. KusalikJ. Kusalik Department of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan immuno-informatics; RNA structure modeling and prediction; bioinformatics applications of constraint logic programming; microarrays
PaulPaul LuLu Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta High-throughput proteome analysis using machine learning and high-performance computing
DerrickDerrick E. RancourtE. Rancourt Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary Gene Discovery, Functional Genomics, Mouse Developmental Biology, ES Cell Differentiation, Targeted Mutagenesis, Pathogenomics
DuaneDuane SzafronSzafron Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta High throughput prediction of annotations such as subcellular localization and function of proteins from primary sequence data.
PeterPeter TielemanTieleman Department of Biological Sciences, University of Calgary Membrane proteins; Modelling; Molecular simulation;
SherifSherif Abou ElelaAbou Elela Universite de Sherbrooke RNA structure, Curation and analysis of alternatively spliced isoforms, annotation and discovery of non-coding RNA, prediction of ribonuclease cleavage sites.
HansHans J. VogelJ. Vogel Department of Biological Sciences, University of Calgary -Structure and function studies of regulatory calcium binding proteins; -Bacterial iron uptake processes involving siderophores; the TonB system; -Mechanism of action of antimicrobial peptides such as the defensins, hepcidin and chemokines.
SeanSean GrahamGraham The University of British Columbia Deep green phylogenetics; chloroplast genome evolution
CarolCarol CassCass Department of Oncology, University of Alberta Membrane biology; nucleoside transport; nucleotide metabolism; cancer chemotherapy; tumor bioprofiling
RyanRyan HaywardHayward Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta Phylogeny algorithms;
ThomasThomas HudsonHudson Ontario Institute for Cancer Research Genomics; genetics of complex traits; DNA microarrays;
FrancoisFrancois MajorMajor University of Montreal RNA and protein structure determination and prediction; RNA pattern, motif and function searching; RNA interference;
MikeMike HallettHallett McGill Centre for Bioinformatics Gene expression, proteomics, protein interactions, subcellular localization, integrative techniques, endoplasmic reticulum, breast cancer, cystic fibrosis
PaulPaul PayettePayette Merck Frosst Canada & Co Drug target identification;
RobertRobert E. KearneyE. Kearney Department of Biomedical Engineering, Universite McGill Signal analysis and data base methods for high throughput proteomics
MichaelMichael W. GrayW. Gray Phylogenetic analysis; Protist EST project
RobertRobert W. LeeW. Lee Department of Biology, Dalhousie University Molecular evolutionary analysis; protist EST project;
YoulianYoulian PanPan Integrated Reasoning Group - Institute for Information Technology, NRC Data mining; machine learning; development of bioinformatics tools; prediction of transcription factor binding sites; gene prediction;
AndrewAndrew RogerRoger Dalhousie Univeristy, Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Molecular phylogenetics; comparative genomics; evolution of protistan genomes, protein evolutionary models
VirendraVirendra C. BhavsarC. Bhavsar Dean, Faculty of Computer Science, University of New Brunswick Parallel and distributed computing; multi-agent systems; artificial intelligence; bioinformatics;
DeniseDenise ClarkClark Department of Biology, University of New Brunswick Expression analysis; Genome evolution
PeterPeter UnrauUnrau Simon Fraser University Small RNA databases; RNA interference; non-coding RNAs; RNA catalysis; in vitro selection
StevenSteven M. CarrM. Carr Memorial University of Newfoundland Molecular systematics; population & phylogeographic genomics; DNA chip biotechnology for biodiversity DNA forensics
ToddTodd WarehamWareham Department of Computer Science, Memorial University of Newfoundland Algorithm analysis and design; Parameterized complexity analysis; Evolutionary tree inference;
FrederickFrederick S.B. KibengeS.B. Kibenge Department of Pathology and Microbiology, Atlantic Veterinary College, University of Prince Edward Island Virus phylogenetic relationships; virus classification; gene expression; biomarkers;
DavidDavid BryantBryant Department of Mathematics, University of Auckland Computational biology; Molecular Evolution
AnneAnne BergeronBergeron Lacim et D Algorithms in computational biology
NadiaNadia El-MabroukEl-Mabrouk U of Montreal Comparative genomics, genome rearrangement, haplotype reconstruction, RNA secondary structure identification, algorithmics, Pattern-Matching, Combinatorial optimisation
DavidDavid SankoffSankoff University of Ottawa Algorithms; models; comparative genomics; evolution;
VladimirVladimir MakarenkovMakarenkov U of Montreal Phylogenetic tree reconstruction; algorithms and statistical analyses; bioinformatics software and database development;
MarkMark WilkinsonWilkinson James Hogg iCAPTURE Centre for Cardiopulmonary Research, University of British Columbia BioMOBY; Semantic Web Services; Ontologies and Description Logics; GUI tool development; Computational Privacy and Ethics
ChrisChris FarnetFarnet Ecopia Biosciences, Inc. Genomics of microbial secondary metabolism; natural product drug discovery and development; high-throughput gene sequencing and annotations; metabolic pathway deduction; chemiinformatics; sequence and chemical analysis software development;
RonaldRonald BeavisBeavis University of British Columbia experimental bioinformatics; large-scale proteomics data analysis;
DonalDonal HickeyHickey Comparative genomics; genome evolution; population genomics; models of multi-locus recombination; the hapmap.
CeliaCelia GreenwoodGreenwood Hospital for Sick Children Genetic epidemiology; microarray analysis
DamianDamian LabudaLabuda CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center Population and molecular genetics; genomic evolution; databases and statistical genetic analysis; in vitro evolution - SELEX
ClementClement LamLam Dept. of Computer Science, Concordia University bioinformatics algorithms; software;
RogerRoger C. LC. L University of Laval Microbial genome annotation; proteomics; in vivo bacterial genome profiling; whole-genome analysis for drug resistance and virulence;chractewrization of unknown and hypothtical proteins from Pseudomonas aeruginosa
KirstenKirsten MullerMuller University of Waterloo Phylogenetic analyses; RNA sequence alignment; comparative sequence analysis; secondary and tertiary structure of RNA in phylogeny
Jean-PierreJean-Pierre PerreaultPerreault Department of BIochemistry, University of Sherbrooke Study of RNA structure/function, Ribozyme, prediction of small genes.
JosephJoseph F. AngelF. Angel University of Saskatchewan Trainer of Bioinformatics; metabolic control theory; regulation of gene expression; protein structure and function;
JackJack ChenChen Simon Fraser University Biological databases; gene identification; genome annotation; molecular evolution; comparative genomics; functional genomics; transcriptional regulatory network; neuroscience
MarcelMarcel TurcotteTurcotte University of Ottawa Automatic discovery of structural motifs;
LilaLila KariKari Computer Science, University of Western Ontario Biomolecular (DNA) computing;
DanielDaniel G. BrownG. Brown Computer Science, University of Waterloo Comparative genomics; algorithms for sequence analysis; evolutionary modeling; gene finding; haplotype inference
BinBin MaMa Computer Science, University of Waterloo Bioinformatics, homology search, mass spec
G.G. Brian GoldingBrian Golding McMaster University DNA sequence analysis; spontaneous mutation and natural selection;
NickNick TinkerTinker Crop Science Society of America Plant structural and functional genomics; Crop data management and statistical analysis - eg performance trials, molecular diversity, linkage mapping esp. oat and barley.
DonaldDonald R. ForsdykeR. Forsdyke Department of Biochemistry, Queen's University Bioinformatics; theoretical biology; nucleic acid evolution;biohistory
ElisabethElisabeth TillierTillier Ontario Cancer Institute, University Health Network Comparative genomics; models and algorithms for sequence analysis; molecular evolution; Genomics
DanDan FieldhouseFieldhouse Seneca School of Biological Sciences and Applied Chemistry DNA microarray design and analysis; SNP and gene expression assay design and analysis; bioinformatics tools development;
DavidDavid ChiuChiu Computing & Information Science; Biophysics Interdepartmental Group, University of Guelph Data mining; sequence-function-structure relationship; phylogenetic analysis; multiple sequence analysis; microarray analysis; systems biology
KayKay C. WieseC. Wiese School of Computing Science - Simon Fraser University Protein structure visualization for immersive 3D environments; computational methods (algorithms for combinatorial optimization) for RNA secondary structure predictions; Visualization of RNA structure
KenKen DewarDewar McGill University and Genome Quebec Innovation Centre Large scale sequencing and analysis; comparative genomics;
IrenaIrena EkielEkiel Concordia University Bioinformatics and structural biology in the area of cancer and pathogenomics
PetaPeta C. Bonham-SmithC. Bonham-Smith Department of Biology, University of Saskatchewan Comparative genomics of plant ribosomal protein genes ;
MadsMads KaernKaern Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology. University of Ottawa systems biology, genetic circuits, transcriptional regulatory networks, dynamical systems, yeast
JinkoJinko GrahamGraham Statistics and Actuarial Science, SFU Statistical and population genetics, biostatistics and computational biology
BradBrad McNeneyMcNeney Dept. of Statatistics and Actuarial Sci. - SFU Biostatistics and computational molecular biology.
SylvieSylvie HamelHamel U of Montreal Pattern matching algorithms, sequences and structures comparison.
UlrikeUlrike StegeStege Computer Science, UVic Computational biology, parameterized complexity, the design of heuristics, graph theory, applications in cognitive psychology and human decision making
GuohuiGuohui LinLin Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta Bioinformatics and Computational Biology; Design and Analysis of Algorithms
YingweiYingwei WangWang Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Prince Edward Island Genomic Signatures, Chaos Game Represenations, Biological Information Theory
PaulPaul YoungYoung Department of Biology, Queen's University Cell cycle control in yeast, ion transport and pH regulation in cells
WalidWalid HouryHoury Department of Biochemistry, University of Toronto Protein folding; protein design; chaperone assisted protein folding; proteomics and bioinformatics
HongHong GuGu Department of Math. & Stat., Dalhousie University Molecular Evolution; Molecular Phylogenetics; Phylogenomics; Statistical methods in molecular evolution.
QuaidQuaid MorrisMorris University of Toronto Machine learning and statistical modelling for genomic-scale experimental data; genomic dataset integration; microarray data analysis; protein-protein interaction networks; microRNAs; regulatory networks; transcription factor binding site prediction
GregoryGregory GloorGloor Department of Biochemistry, University of Western Ontario Evolution of proteins. Structural and functional consequences of positional coevolution in protein families. Cellular consequences of double strand break repair in Drosophila melanogaster
StephenStephen MichnickMichnick Department of Biochemistry, Université de Montréal Structure, dynamics and evolution of biochemical and genetic networks; Experimental strategies for large-scale study of protein interaction networks.
AdnanAdnan AliAli Department of Biological Sciences, University of Windsor Computational methods for optimization and interpretation of statistical data gained from the microarray experiments.
SergueiSerguei ChteinbergChteinberg Department of Biochemistry, Université de Montréal Analysis of RNA tertiary structure; RNA structure-function relationships
AnteAnte L. PadjenL. Padjen Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, McGill University Drug discovery; Target validation; Systems biology; Neuroinformatics;
DouglasDouglas CampbellCampbell Department of Biology, Mount Allison University Designing Peptide Sequence Tags diagnostic for key protein families; Tracking protein allocations in natural communities
AlmaAlma Barranco-MendozaBarranco-Mendoza Trinity Western University Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Bioinformatics, Multidisciplinary medical decision support and profiling systems, Biomedical data mining, Biomedical knowledge representation, Bioethics.
MarkMark DaleyDaley University of Western Ontario Natural computing; mathematical and computational modelling of biological processes.
RodneyRodney CooperCooper Faculty of Computer Science and Department of Chemistry, University of New Brunswick Molecular modelling, QSAR, SVL programming, data security,.NET Framework software development
MichaelMichael J. SmithJ. Smith Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, SFU Molecular evolution and phylogeny
JianJian PeiPei Simon Fraser University Data mining and machine learning methods for biomedical data processing, microarray and protein interaction data analysis, integration and mining of multiple sources.
RosemaryRosemary RedfieldRedfield Department of Zoology, UBC Natural competence mechanisms bacteria use to take up DNA fragments from their environments. Evolution of repeated sequence elements in bacterial genomes.
BorisBoris SteipeSteipe University of Toronto Bioinformatics; protein engineering; motifs in protein structure
BrendanBrendan J. FreyJ. Frey University of Toronto Machine learning and generative models applied to problems in molecular biology, specifically transcription, alternative splicing, regulation of transcription and splicing, and systems biology.
MartinMartin EsterEster School of Computing Science, SFU Database Systems, Data Mining, Applications in Bioinformatics
DanielDaniel SinnettSinnett Research Center, Sainte-Justine Hospital Molecular genetics, genetic epidemiology, oncogeneonomic and database
NabilNabil BelacelBelacel National Research Council of Canada Nabil's research interests include: Bioinformatics, data mining, Fuzzy clustering, New classification methods for gene expression data, operations research, multiple criteria decision analysis.
FazelFazel FamiliFamili Institute for Information Technology - National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa AI/ Machine Learning, Data Mining, Bioinformatics, Data Pre-processing, Gene Expression/Microarray Data Analysis, Clinical Decision Support/Knowledge based Systems,
MichaelMichael C. MackeyC. Mackey Department of Physiology - McGill University Biological, physical and economic systems whose dynamics are described by delay- differential or functional differential equations--especially regulation of gene networks and analysis of their dynamical properties.
PatriciaPatricia EvansEvans Faculty of Computer Science - University of New Brunswick bioinformatics, computational biology, algorithm design and analysis, problem complexity analysis, string algorithms, RNA structure comparison, network analysis
MichaelMichael BurgessBurgess University of British Columbia Empirical research to establish moral views and perspective on ethical issues. Areas of research include biobanks, computational approaches to ethical permissions for accessing records, and use of informatics to design approaches to mining qualitative databases. Also interested in evaluating open source against other intellectual property regimes for measures of accessibility to researchers, sustainability of software and databases, and development potential.
MiklosMiklos CsurosCsuros U of Montreal algorithms for comparative genomics and evolutionary tree reconstruction
PaulPaul HiggsHiggs Department of Physics, McMaster University Molecular Evolution, Phylogenetics, RNA Structure, Mitochondrial Genomes, Biophysics
HervHerv PhilippePhilippe Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal Phylogenomics; Heterotachy; Molecular phylogenetics; Comparative and evolutionary genomics; Protein evolution; Horizontal gene transfer
PaulPaul HarrisonHarrison Dept. of Biology, McGill University genome annotation; genome & proteome evolution; simple models of protein folding & evolution; bioinformatics & simulation of protein (mis)folding
WyethWyeth WassermanWasserman University of British Columbia Genome sequence analysis, identification of regions regulating transcription, gene expression
ManishManish Kumar GuptaKumar Gupta Queens University Information Processing in Molecular Biology, Systems Biology, Bio-molecular (DNA, Membrane, Cell) and Quantum computing, DNA self assembly, Applications of Graph Theory, Computational Geometry and Algorithms to Proteins and Drug Design , Gene Networks , Biological Coding and Information Theory
MichaelMichael BrudnoBrudno Hospital for Sick Children Comparative genomics; Algorithms for biological data.
Yen-HanYen-Han LinLin University of Saskatchewan/Chemical Engineering systems biology, network biology, metabolic pathway engineering
BrendanBrendan McConkeyMcConkey Department of Biology - University of Waterloo proteomics; protein structure and interaction modeling; Differential in-gel electrophoresis; mass spectrometry; protein expression pattern analysis;
XuhuaXuhua XiaXia University of Ottawa molecular evolution and phylogenetics, comparative genomics and software development
HagitHagit ShatkayShatkay School of Computing, Queen's University Machine Learning; Data analysis and mining; Biomedical literature and text mining; Probabilistic models
LewisLewis LukensLukens Department of Plant Agriculture - University of Guelph plant comparative genomics, quantitative and evolutionary genetics
PeterPeter SwainSwain The University of Edinburgh Modelling information processing in biochemical networks
IanIan J. ForsytheJ. Forsythe University of Alberta Bioinformatics, molecular biology, genome annotation, microarray analysis, pathway analysis, data mining, Unix, Perl, Java, SQL, HTML, and web design
JohnJohn ParkinsonParkinson Hospital for Sick Children Comparative genomics; Genome databases; Partial Genomes; Network analysis; Protein classification; Systems Biology; Dynamic simulations; Computational modelling
ArtemArtem CherkasovCherkasov University of British Columbia Development of bioinformatics and genomics tools; Computer-aided drug design; Structure-activity modeling for bioactive substances;
WalterWalter ScottScott UBC chemistry - Biomolecular simulation (molecular dynamcs) at the atomic level, in particular of proteins -development and implementation of efficient simulation algorithms (co-author of the GROMOS96 biomolecular simulation package, used at over 500 sites worldwide)
LeiLei GuoGuo Bioinformatics Solutions Inc. peptide sequencing and protein identification from tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) data; protein 3D structure prediction
MathieuMathieu BlanchetteBlanchette McGill Centre for Bioinformatics Sequence analysis, comparative genomics, sequence evolution, gene regulation, motif discovery.
VolkerVolker HaarslevHaarslev Concordia University bioinformatics software, bioinformatics ontologies, web-based knowledge management
IanIan McQuillanMcQuillan Department of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan Computational modelling, mathematical modelling, information processing systems, string algorithms.
SudhirSudhir P. MudurP. Mudur Concordia University Bioinformatics Visualization, algorithms, usability studies and software tool development.
WolfgangWolfgang BanzhafBanzhaf Department of Computer Science, Memorial University of Newfoundland Modelling of regulatory networks, classification of healthy vs diseased states in tissues using gene expression and mass spectrometry data, interest in gene discovery, structure prediction
JoergJoerg SanderSander Department of Computer Science, University of Alberta Integrated Data Mining in Biological Databases, Complex/Multidimensional Data Management, Database Technology for Bioinformatics.
NematollaahNematollaah ShiriShiri Faculty of Computer Science, Concordia University Knowledge base (KB) and database systems (DB), Logic programming and deductive databases; Uncertainty; web mining; Query processing and optimization; information integration
JamesJames GreenGreen Carleton University Pattern classification; artificial intelligence; nonlinear system identification; protein structure prediction; computational identification of post-translational modification sites
CenkCenk SahinalpSahinalp Simon Fraser University combinatorial algorithms, biomolecular sequence databases, search and alignment, phylogenetic analysis of large scale genome rearrangements, RNA structure prediction, molecular interaction and evolution.
MartinaMartina StromvikStromvik Department of Plant Science, McGill University Bioinformatics; microgenomics; plant promoters, gene expression and functional anatomy
MiroslavaMiroslava Cuperlovic-CulfCuperlovic-Culf NRC Institute for Information Technology Microarray analysis and statistics - application and method development; in silico biology
HerbertHerbert H. TsangH. Tsang School of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University RNA secondary structure prediction, image analysis & processing, signal processing, biomedical engineering
JosephJoseph P. BielawskiP. Bielawski Department of Biology; Department of Mathematics & Statistics; Dalhousie University. Molecular Evolution; Molecular Phylogenetics; Phylogenomics
EldonEldon EmberlyEmberly Department of Physics, Simon Fraser University computational biology, protein design, gene networks and regulation
SohrabSohrab ShahShah BC Cancer Agency Computer Science/Bioinformatics
LukaszLukasz KurganKurgan Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Alberta High Performance Data Mining, Machine Learning, Protein 2D content and structure prediction, micro array data analysis, Computational Biology
TamaraTamara MunznerMunzner Department of Computer Science, University of British Columbia Information visualization; visualization of phylogenetic trees and genomic sequences
ZhaoleiZhaolei ZhangZhang University of Toronto Genome annotation, Comparative genomics, Sequence analysis, Protein structure analysis, Evolutionary Bioinformatics
SébastienSébastien LemieuxLemieux IRIC/DIRO, Université de Montréal Statistical analysis of microarray data; RNA 3-D structure (modeling and analysis); Application of machine learning to bioinformatics.
RoderickRoderick MelnikMelnik Wilfrid Laurier University and Biophysics Programs at University of Waterloo and Guelph Systems biology, mathematical models in life science applications, computational biology
SiamakSiamak RezaeiRezaei University of Northern British Columbia Application of parallel processing techniques to Bioinformatics. Computational Biolinguistic techniques for modeling biological sequences towards a molecular modeling language.
PaulPaul PavlidisPavlidis University of British Columbia Gene expression; functional genomics; neuroinformatics; meta-analysis; neuroscience.
EdwardEdward SuskoSusko Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Dalhousie University phylogenetics, molecular evolution, EST analysis, microarrays
ChristianChristian BlouinBlouin Interest in phylogenetics and robustness issues in phylogenetics, structural evolution, geometry and protein science, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing and text-mining of biological literature.
JacekJacek MajewskiMajewski McGill University Detection of functional regions in genomics sequences. Investigation of sequence motifs involved in splicing regulation. Genome evolution and function. Comparative genomics. Detection of mutations responsible for human genetic disease.
MichaelMichael McDonaldMcDonald University of British Columbia I work in applied ethics with a specialization in research ethics. In the past few years I have focussed on the ethics of research involving humans and created research teams looking at Canadian governance for this area. I am interested in building ethical systems of governance for reseaarch.
MichelMichel DumontierDumontier Carleton University drug discovery, cell simulation and visualization, biological databases, small molecule biochemistry, pathways and interactions semantic web ontology
HaydarHaydar SengulSengul University of Saskatchewan Identification of genes influencing susceptibility to complex human diseases, with a special emphasis on developing statistical methods that will address issues encountered in any area of genomics.
GaryGary BaderBader University of Toronto Biological network and pathway analysis
RafaelRafael NajmanovichNajmanovich Département de Biochimie - Université de Sherbrooke Molecular Recognition Systems Biology Structural Biology Computational Biology Bioinformatics Prediction of Protein Function from Structure Chemoinformatics
LincolnLincoln SteinStein Ontario Institute for Cancer Research Bioinformatics.
IgorIgor JurisicaJurisica Ontario Cancer Institute computational biology cancer informatics
PaulPaul BoutrosBoutros Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
MichaelMichael HoffmanHoffman University Health Network Epigenomics; functional genomics; machine learning; dynamic Bayesian networks; chromatin; graphical models; ChIP-seq; DNase-seq; cancer
DaveDave ClarkeClarke Simon Fraser University Cell signal transduction, computational biology, statistical modeling, exercise physiology.
JenniferJennifer BryanBryan Department of Statistics and Michael Smith Laboratories, UBC
WilliamWilliam HsiaoHsiao BC Centre for Disease Control public health, microboial genomics, bioinformatics
RobertRobert BeikoBeiko Dalhousie University Bioinformatics, Comparative genomics and phylogenetics, Machine learning, Visualization of biological data
PhilipPhilip AwadallaAwadalla Informatics and Biocomputing, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
MartinMartin HirstHirst University of British Columbia, Centre for Hightroughput Biology (CHiBi)
JamieJamie RosnerRosner University of British Columbia Bioinformatics, Genomics, NGS, Life Sciences, HPC, Cloud Computing, Research Platforms, Research Data Management