Research Associate: Database Development (Stratified Medicine)

Ulster University
Northern Ireland, UK
Job Description: 

Research Associate: Database Development (Stratified Medicine)

Ulster University - School of Biomedical Sciences

The postholder will develop, maintain and administer a clinical biobank (database) for internally hosting and analysing patient data collected at the Northern Ireland Centre for Stratified Medicine. The post-holder will be based at C-TRIC and work as part of a multidisciplinary team. (Fixed-term until 30 September ‘18 with the possibility of a further extension to 30 September ‘19).

Applications can be made via our on-line recruitment website at
Contact for more information.

International applicants, including from Canada, are very welcome.

Main Duties

1. To develop, maintain and administer a federated clinical / genomic data biobank (database) derived from diverse patient cohort data.

2. To maintain IT systems (hardware and software) for smooth running of the biobank (database).

3. To work in partnership with a clinical/academic multidisciplinary team to compile and collate reversibly anonymised (or coded) patient records into a unified/connected data repository (biobank) that is in a generic interrogatable format (in collaboration with other statisticians and bioinformaticians).

4. To perform quality control processes and contribute to statistical analyses of clinical and NGS data associated with the centre’s research programmes (in collaboration with other statisticians and bioinformaticians).

5. To contribute to the Work Package outputs, contribute to writing of significant external grant applications and drafting and submission of high-quality peer reviewed publications suitable for submission in REF2020.

6. Contribution to publication of research articles in top rated research journals and/or conferences in the field and of a volume and frequency commensurate with the project deliverables.

7. Any other duties appropriate to level of appointment and nature of the post.

The starting salary for this position is from £27,300 - £30,705. This equates to spines point 24 – 28 on the University’s salary scale. This salary scale has been determined as part of the funding arrangements for this project and is the maximum available for this post, this is not negotiable.