Postdoctoral Fellow in Metabolic Network Modeling

National Research Council of Canada
Ottawa, Canada
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The Fusarium complex is composed of many distinct fungal species causing diseases in economically important crops, including Fusarium Head Blight of wheat. Despite being closely related, they have distinct phenotypic characteristics including toxin production and pathogenicity, with some isolates reported as non-pathogenic on certain hosts. Gene sequencing enabled characterization of microbial genomes leading to considerable effort in reconstructing genome-scale metabolic networks describing collection of thousands of biochemical reactions available for a cell. These network models are instrumental in understanding microbial metabolism. Although metabolic networks have been reconstructed for many species, for fungal species including major plant pathogens there are no curated metabolic models. It is thus important to produce metabolic network models for these species that are able to carry out analyses of the effect of environment and antifungals, their toxin production and co-existence with host. In this project we will develop detailed, manually curated models for fusarium wheat pathogens.

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for Project title: Genome-scale metabolic reconstruction for Fusarium species