Post-doctoral Fellowship in RNA Structural Genomics

Genome Institute of Singapore
Job Description: 

We are seeking highly qualified computational scientists with expertise/interest in RNA structure and biology. The Nagarajan Lab (, in collaboration with the Wan Lab at the Genome Institute of Singapore ( are looking for applicants to direct collaborative projects involving the development of new algorithms and the analysis of novel high-throughput, genome-scale RNA structure datasets. Successful candidates will work in a highly inter-disciplinary environment to apply cutting edge techniques in computational and experimental genomics for achieving breakthrough discoveries that significantly advance human health and well-being.

RNA structure is fundamental to its function in almost every cellular process and for understanding disease biology. We have developed new approaches to probe RNA secondary and tertiary structure genome-wide [1-4] and are applying these for a range of applications including (i) identification of new targets for developing antibiotics against extremely drug-resistant pathogens (ii) understanding host-microbial interactions in diseases and (iii) identifying structural switches that control gene regulation during stem-cell differentiation and oncogenesis. We are seeking exceptional researchers who will join us in leveraging this unique opportunity for significant basic and translational advances in RNA genomics.


[1] Kertesz M*, Wan Y*, Mazor E, Rinn JL, Nutter RC, Chang HY, Segal E "Genome-wide measurement of RNA secondary structure in yeast." Nature 2010 Sep 2 ; 467(7311) : 103-7
[2] Wan Y, Qu K, Ouyang Z, Kertesz M, Li J, Tibshirani R, Makino DL, Nutter RC, Segal E, Chang HY "Genome-wide measurement of RNA folding energies." Mol Cell 2012 Oct 26 ; 48(2) : 169-81 Epub 2012 Sep 13
[3] Wan Y.*, Qu K.*, Zhang QF, Manor O, Ouyang Z, Zhang J, Snyder MP, Segal E and Chang HY "Landscape and variation of RNA secondary structure across the human transcriptome." Nature 2014 ; 505, 706–709
[4] Aw JG, Shen Y, Wilm A, Sun M, Lim XN, Boon KL, Tapsin S, Chan YS, Tan CP, Sim AY, Zhang T, Susanto TT, Fu Z, Nagarajan N#, Wan Y# "In Vivo Mapping of Eukaryotic RNA Interactomes Reveals Principles of Higher-Order Organization and Regulation." Mol Cell 2016 May 19 ; 62(4) : 603-17 Epub 2016 May 12


* PhD in Computational Biology/Computer Science/Applied Mathematics/Genomics
* Strong analytical and programming skills (C/C++, perl/python, UNIX environment). Candidates with significant experience in RNA structure prediction will be strongly preferred.
* Open to candidates of all nationalities.

How To Apply: E-mail cover letter, curriculum vitae, and contact details of at least three referees to Niranjan Nagarajan ( and Wan Yue (