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BSDDDatabase Content

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BSDD (Biomolecules Segment Display Device) searches for and displays user defined sequence motifs in known protein structures. This web based tool incorporates the graphics package of RASMOL for visualization.

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CRASPTool Content

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Correlation analysis of the amino acid substitutions in protein sequences (CRASP) takes multiple alignments of amino acid sequences as input, and detects coordinated residue substitutions. These substitutions may suggest dependent evolution of functionally related pairs of amino acids.

Institute of Enzymology ServersTool Content

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A set of severs developed by the Institute of Enzymology that includes tools for transmembrane protein structure prediction and structural analyses.

MatchTool Content

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Match is a weight matrix-based tool which searches for putative transcription factor binding sites (TFBS) in DNA sequences. Registration at the site is free and is required to use Match.

MATRASTool Content

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MATRAS is a resource for comparing protein three dimensional (3D) structures. Users can compare protein 3D structures using pairwise alignments, multiple alignments, or by a comparing against a library of known structures.

MolSurferTool Content

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Molsurfer is a graphical tool that links a 2D projection of a macromolecular interface to a 3D view of the macromolecular structures. It can be used to study protein-protein and protein-DNA/RNA interfaces.

PBSwordTool Content

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PBSword is a web server designed for efficient and accurate comparisons and searches of geometrically similar protein-protein binding sites from a large-scale database.

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PepBuildTool Content

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PepBuild is a tool that facilitates the construction, from known sequence and secondary/tertiary structures, of capped or uncapped proteins. The output generated is in PDB format.

pevoSOARTool Content

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pvSOAR takes a PDB ID or structure file as input, and searches for other proteins with surface regions that are similar to the query structure.

PhosfinderTool Content

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Phosfinder uses a structural comparison algorithm to identify phosphate binding sites in protein structures. It scans a query structure in PDB format against a set of known 3D phosphate binding motifs and outputs a visual display of the predicted binding sites on the query protein structure.

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