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BioNumbersDatabase Content

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BioNumbers ( is a database of key numbers in molecular and cell biology--the quantitative properties of biological systems of interest to computational, systems and molecular cell biologists. Contents of the database range from cell sizes to metabolite concentrations, from reaction rates to generation times, from genome sizes to the number of mitochondria in a cell. All numbers are taken directly from a literature source and that reference is provided with the number.

M4TTool Content

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M4T (Multiple Mapping Method with Multiple Templates) is a comparative protein structure modeling server that uses a combination of multiple templates and iterative optimization of alternative alignments.

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M4T: a comparative protein structure modeling server200726

MEME SuiteTool Content

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The MEME Suite web server is a unified portal for discovery and analysis of sequence motifs (e.g. DNA binding sites, protein interaction domains). Motifs with/without gaps may be discovered, searched for in DNA and protein databases, compared to other motifs and analyzed for putative function by association with gene ontology terms. MEME is a tool designed for discovering and searching for DNA motifs such as transcription factor binding sites (TFBS) or protein domains.

Services from Zhou LaboratoryResource Content

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Tools from the Zhou laboratory including predictors of transmembrane topology (THUMBUP, UMDHMM-TMHP, TUPS); prediction/analysis tools for tertiary structure (SPARKS2, SP3); and, prediction/analysis tools for interactions (DMONOMER, DLOOP, DMUTANT, DCOMPLEX, DDNA, TCD, DOGMA).

WeighborTool Content

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Weighbor is a tool for building phylogenetic trees from distance matrices. It employs a weighted version of the neighbour-joining method in which longer distances in the matrix are given less weight.

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