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BAGETTool Content

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BAGET (Bacterial and Archaeal Gene Exploration Tool) is a web service designed to facilitate extraction of specific gene and protein sequences from completely determined prokaryotic genomes. Query results can be exported as a rich text format file for printing, archival or further analysis.

BioDrugScreenDatabase Content

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BioDrugScreen is a resource for ranking molecules docked against a large number of targets in the human proteome. Nearly 1600 molecules from the freely available NCI diversity set were docked onto 1926 cavities identified on 1589 human targets resulting in >3 million receptor-ligand complexes. The targets in BioDrugScreen originated from Human Cancer Protein Interaction Network, which we have updated, as well as the Human Druggable Proteome, which we have created for the purpose of this effort. This makes the BioDrugScreen resource highly valuable in drug discovery.

Cell++Tool Content

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Cell++ is a novel stochastic simulation environment which is capable of modelling diverse biochemical phenomena including signal transduction pathways, metabolic pathways and intracellular calcium signalling.

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Cell++--simulating biochemical pathways200619

CIPRO 2.5Database Content

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The Ciona intestinalis protein database (CIPRO) is an integrated protein database for the tunicate species C. intestinalis. The CIPRO database collects published data as well as unique information from unpublished experimental data, such as 3D expression profiling, 2D-PAGE and mass spectrometry-based large-scale analyses at various developmental stages, curated annotation data and various bioinformatic data. Homologs in humans and major model organisms are included. Annotations are open to evaluation by users through the CIPRO website.

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dbDEPCDatabase Content

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A database of differentially expressed proteins in human cancers (dbDEPC) collects curated cancer proteomics data, provides a resource for information on protein-level expression changes, and explores protein profile differences among different cancers. dbDEPC currently contains 1803 proteins differentially expressed in 15 cancers, curated from 65 mass spectrometry (MS) experiments in peer-reviewed publications.

E-RNAiTool Content

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E-RNAi is a tool for designing and evaluating dsRNA constructs suitable for RNAi experiments in 12 organisms including Drosophila, C. elegans, human and other emerging model organisms. E-RNAi also facilitates the design of secondary RNAi reagents for validation experiments, evaluation of pooled siRNA reagents and batch design.

eNetTool Content

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Global functional atlas of Escherichia coli encompassing previously uncharacterized proteins. This resource provides a "systems-wide" functional blueprint of a model microbe, with insights into the biological and evolutionary significance of previously uncharacterized proteins.

FFPredTool Content

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Using a machine learning approach, FFPred server predicts protein function using protein features scanned against a library of over 300 Gene Ontology annotation terms. FFPred has the capacity to annotate distant homologues and orphan protein sequences.

GELBANKDatabase Content

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GELBANK is a database of 2D gel images of proteomes for species with completed genomes. The user can search by sequence description or fragment, or by gel characteristics. Links are made between the sequence and gel when available.


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