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VnDDatabase Content

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The variations and drugs (VnD) is a consolidated database containing information on diseases, related genes and genetic variations, protein structures and drug information. The VnD database is a useful platform for researchers studying the underlying mechanism for association among genetic variations, diseases and drugs.

WDACTool Content

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The WDAC (Weighted Domain Architecture Comparison Tool) is a web-based server to perform protein homology search by comparing protein domain architectures, defined as a sequential order of domains in a protein.

webPIPSATool Content

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webPIPSA is the web server for Protein Interaction Property Similarity Analysis (PIPSA), a procedure for the comparison and analysis of protein electrostatic potentials for a large number of related protein structures. The resulting matrices of pairwise electrostatic similarities may be visualized as epograms or heat maps.

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YLocTool Content

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YLoc is a web server for the prediction of subcellular localization. Predictions are explained and biological properties used for the prediction highlighted. In addition, a confidence estimates rates the reliability of individual predictions.

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