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AMIGeneTool Content

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Annotation of MIcrobial Genes (AMIGene) is gene prediction server that can identify coding sequences in microbes.

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AMIGene: Annotation of MIcrobial Genes200370

BAGELDatabase Content

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BActeriocin GEnome mining tooL (BAGEL) identifies putative bacteriocin ORFs (antimicrobial peptides) based on a database containing information about known bacteriocins and adjacent genes involved in bacteriocin activity.

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BAGEL: a web-based bacteriocin genome mining tool200648

Candida Genome DatabaseDatabase Content

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The Candida Genome Database provides online access to genomic sequence data and manually curated functional information about genes and proteins of the human pathogen Candida albicans. Two tools have been added to the DB. The Biochemical Pathways tool provides visualization of metabolic pathways and analysis tools that facilitate interpretation of experimental data, including results of large-scale experiments, in the context of Candida metabolism. Textpresso for Candida allows searching through the full-text of Candida-specific literature, including clinical and epidemiological studies.

CyanoBaseDatabase Content

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CyanoBase is the genome database for cyanobacteria, which are model organisms for photosynthesis. The database houses cyanobacteria species information, complete genome sequences, genome-scale experiment data, gene information, gene annotations and mutant information.

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CyanoBase: the cyanobacteria genome database update 2010201020

H-InvDBDatabase Content

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The H-Invitational Database (H-InvDB) is a comprehensive annotation resource of human genes and transcripts. The latest release of H-InvDB (release 6.2) provides the annotation for 219,765 human transcripts in 43,159 human gene clusters based on human full-length cDNAs and mRNAs. H-InvDB now provides several new annotation features, such as mapping of microarray probes, new gene models, relation to known ncRNAs and information from the Glycogene database. H-InvDB also provides useful data mining resources-'Navigation search', 'H-InvDB Enrichment Analysis Tool (HEAT)' and web service APIs.

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IBM Bioinformatics and Pattern Discovery GroupTool Content

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Extensive server possessing a wide range of tools for pattern discovery in DNA and protein sequences as well as in text. Tools for multiple sequence alignment, gene discovery, protein annotation, and other applications also exist on this server. A detailed help page is provided for all tools.

MADAPTool Content

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MADAP is a clustering tool for the interpretation annotation data mapped onto complete or partial genome sequences. Initially developed for determining transcription start sites (TSS) by defining 5\' and 3\'ends of mRNA, MADAP also has utility in clustering other annotation data types (ChIP-chip data, for example).

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