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HMDBDatabase Content

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The Human Metabolome Database (HMDB) is a freely available electronic database containing detailed information about small molecule metabolites found in the human body. The database supports extensive text, sequence, chemical structure and relational query searches.

KEGGDatabase Content

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The KEGG PATHWAY database contains pathway maps for the molecular systems in both normal and perturbed states. In the KEGG DISEASE database, each disease is represented by a list of known disease genes, any known environmental factors at the molecular level, diagnostic markers and therapeutic drugs, which may reflect the underlying molecular system. The KEGG DRUG database contains chemical structures and/or chemical components of all drugs in Japan, including crude drugs and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) formulas, and drugs in the USA and Europe. The new disease/drug information resource named KEGG MEDICUS can be used as a reference knowledge base for computational analysis of molecular networks, especially, by integrating large-scale experimental datasets.

KEGG: Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and GenomesDatabase Content

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Pathway maps, molecular catalogs, genome maps and gene catalogs that capture knowledge about interactions in terms of information pathways. KEGG comprises several databases, including BRITE (protein-protein interactions), PATHWAY (interaction networks for cellular processes), and LIGAND (chemical compounds and chemical reactions). KEGG Atlas is a new tool for the global analysis of metabolic pathways.

MetaPath OnlineTool Content

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MetaPath Online gives users access to an algorithm for network expansion. Starting with given metabolites, called seed compounds, the algorithm uses known information about metabolic reactions and pathways to expand the network and define scope. This systematic investigation of structure-function relationships of metabolic networks can offer evolutionary insights.

PathGuideResource Content

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The PathGuide - Pathway Resource List (PRL) is a database of 250+ links to resources for protein-protein interactions, metabolic and signalling pathways, transcription factor and genetic interaction networks, pathway diagrams, protein sequences, and protein-compound interactions.

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Pathway extractionTool Content

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The pathway extraction tool is a part of the network analysis tool suite (NeAT). Given a metabolic network, the tool extracts a subnetwork that connects a list of input compounds, reactions, EC numbers or enzyme-coding genes. Three metabolic networks (KEGG LIGAND, KEGG RPAIR and MetaCyc) are preloaded, but custom networks can be submitted as well.

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Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML)Resource Content

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The Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) is a computer-readable format for representing models of biochemical reaction networks. SBML is applicable to metabolic networks, cell-signaling pathways, genomic regulatory networks, and many other areas in systems biology.

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