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AUGUSTUSTool Content

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AUGUSTUS is a eukaryotic gene prediction tool. It can integrate evidence, e.g. from RNA-Seq, ESTs, proteomics, but can also predict genes ab initio. The PPX extension to AUGUSTUS can take a protein sequence multiple sequence alignment as input to find new members of the family in a genome. It can be run through a web interface, or downloaded and run locally.

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PLANdbAffyDatabase Content

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PLANdbAffy contains the results of the alignment of probe sequences from five Affymetrix expression microarrays to the human genome. Probes matching the transcript-coding regions in the correct orientation have been determined. For each such probe alignment region, the mRNA and EST sequences that contain the probe sequence have also been determined. In the textual part of the database interface, data on the sequences that cover the probe alignment region and SNPs that are located inside it is summarized. The graphical part of our database interface is implemented as custom tracks to the UCSC genome browser that allows one to utilize all the data that are offered by UCSC browser.

SROOGLETool Content

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SROOGLE is a webserver that makes splicing signal sequence and scoring data available to the biologist in an integrated, visual and user friendly format.

Virtual RibosomeTool Content

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The Virtual Ribosome is a DNA translation tool with a built-in ORF finder that allows the use of alternative start codons, the IUPAC degenerate DNA alphabet, and all translation tables defined by the NCBI taxonomy group. The tool can also highlight the intron/exon structure of genes using information found in the feature table of GenBank flatfiles in the final translation results.

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