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DroIDDatabase Content

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DroID, the Drosophila Interactions Database, is a comprehensive public resource for Drosophila gene and protein interactions. DroID contains genetic interactions and experimentally detected protein-protein interactions curated from the literature and from external databases, and predicted protein interactions based on experiments in other species. Protein interactions are annotated with experimental details and periodically updated confidence scores. The database now includes transcription factor-gene and regulatory RNA-gene interactions. Orthologous gene mappings of Drosophila genes to other organisms are also available to facilitate finding interactions based on gene names and identifiers for a number of common model organisms and humans.

euGenes: Genomic Information for Eukaryotic OrganismsDatabase Content

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Summary of gene and genomic information automatically maintained from primary eukaryotic organism databases: gene symbol, full name, chromosome, genetic and molecular maps, gene products, links to extended gene information.

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euGenes: a eukaryote genome information system200239

FlyFactorSurveyDatabase Content

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FlyFactorSurvey is a database of DNA binding specificities for Drosophila transcription factors (TFs) determined using the bacterial one-hybrid system. The database provides to recognition motifs and position weight matrices for TFs. Search tools and flat file downloads are provided to retrieve binding site information (as sequences, matrices and sequence logos) for individual TFs, groups of TFs or for all TFs with characterized binding specificities. Linked analysis tools allow users to identify motifs within our database that share similarity to a query matrix or to view the distribution of occurrences of an individual motif throughout the Drosophila genome.

Genome Biology Release 3 of the Drosophila genomeResource Content

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A series of refereed research articles describing Release 3 of the Drosophila genome are freely available online. The articles describe the finishing and annotation of the genome sequence, computational tools, and functional studies.

Genome SurveyorTool Content

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Genome Surveyor is a tool for discovery and analysis of cis-regulatory elements and transcription factors in Drosphila built on the GBrowse genome browser.

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Genome Surveyor 2.0: cis-regulatory analysis in Drosophila20113

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