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AnnotQTLTool Content

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AnnotQTL is a web tool for gathering functional and comparative information on a genomic region. It is designed to aggregate functional annotations from different websites by minimizing the redundancy of the information.

antiSMASH 2.0Tool Content

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The antibiotic and Secondary Metabolite Analysis Shell (antiSMASH) is a resource for identification, annotation and analysis of secondary metabolite biosynthesis gene clusters in bacterial and fungal genome sequences. antiSMASH 2.0 now supports input of multiple related sequences simultaneously.

AquaSAXSTool Content

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AquaSAXS is a web server for computation of and fitting of small angle x-ray scattering (SAXS) profiles with non-uniformally hydrated atomic models.

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ARISTOTool Content

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Automatic Reduction of Ion Spectra to Ontology (ARISTO) is a web tool which provides information regarding the chemical nature/ontology of the compound underlying an input electron ionization mass spectrum.

BAR-PLUSTool Content

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BAR-PLUS is a web tool for functional and structural annotation of protein sequences based on a large scale genome cross comparison and a non-hierarchical clustering procedure. Sequence annotation is derived from UniProtKB, GO, Pfam and PDB.

BeeSpace NavigatorTool Content

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BeeSpace Navigator is a tool for exploratory analysis of gene function using biological literature. It is an automated version of the curation process to extract gene function.

BioExtractTool Content

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The BioExtract Server is a platform for the creation of bioinformatic workflows to aid the analysis of genomic data. A series of recorded tasks can be saved and shared. Integrated resources include NCBI databases, EMBL-Bank, UniProt and UniRef, as well as a large number of computational tools such as EMBOSS and KEGG.

BioPortalDatabase Content

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BioPortal is a web accessible open repository of biomedical ontologies. Users may browse, search and visualize ontologies, as well as participate in the evaluation and evolution of ontology reviews by adding notes, corrections, reviews, etc. Data from other sources such as GEO, and ArrayExpress may also be integrated with the ontologies.

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ChemMine ToolsTool Content

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ChemMine Tools is an online service for analyzing and clustering small molecules. A suite of cheminformatics and data mining tools for data visualization, structure comparison, similarity searching, compound clustering and prediction of chemical properties are available.

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