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DyNAVacSTool Content

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DyNAVacS is a tool for designing DNA vaccines that includes steps for chosing a suitable expression vector, ensuring optimal expression by codon optimization, engineering CpG motifs for enhancing immune responses, and providing additional sequence signals for efficient translation. It also allows includes restriction enzyme mapping and design of primers spanning user specified sequences.

EGassemblerTool Content

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EGassembler is a pipeline for clustering and assembling sequence fragments from transcript (EST) data or from shotgun sequencing.

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FAF-DrugsTool Content

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Free ADME/tox Filtering (FAF-Drugs) allows users to process their own compound collections via simple absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity (ADME/tox) filtering rules to aid in the drug discovery process.

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FAF-Drugs: free ADME/tox filtering of compound collections200639

FastSNPTool Content

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Function Analysis and Selection Tool for Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (FastSNP) allows users to identify and prioritize SNPs that are likely to have functional effects.

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GeMprospectorTool Content

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GeMprospector is designed to find cross-species genetic marker candidates in legumes and grasses. GeMprospector automates PCR primer design based on multiple sequence alignments of submitted ESTs and their homologues in sequence databases from legumes or grasses.

GenDecoderTool Content

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GenDecoder is a prediction server for animal mitochondrial genetic codes. It provides information about codon-usage, amino acid composition, GC content and a final genetic code prediction for a mitochondrial genome sequence.

GlyNest and CASPERTool Content

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GlyNest and CASPER are two independent services, available through this common interface, for predicting NMR spectra given a glycan chemical structure.

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