3 postdoc positions in Bioinformatics

University of Oslo
Oslo, Oslo, Norway
Job Type:
  • Postdoctoral (3 years fully funded)
Degree Level Required:
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3 postdoc positions in Bioinformatics

All 3 positions are open/independent projects related to broad thematic areas. Project description has to be defined and written together with the host before the application deadline (30 April 2020).

Duration of positions: 3 years (fully funded) Thematic areas: Precision Medicine, 3D/4D Genome Dynamics, Microbiome Bioinformatics Salary offered: 52,400 - 55,300 EUR/year (approximately 515,200 NOK/year) Latest starting date: 1 March 2021 Application deadline: 30 April 2020 How to apply: Email as soon as possible to ehovig@ifi.uio.no (Precision Medicine) or jonas.paulsen@ibv.uio.no (3D/4D genome) or torognes@ifi.uio.no (Microbiome Bioinformatics)


It is possible to define your own research projects related to the broad thematic areas.

Position 1 (Precision Medicine): development and application of novel classification algorithms, tools for precise molecular and patient stratification in cancer studies. Deep learning and novel machine learning methods are keywords.

Position 2 (3D/4D Genome dynamics): development of novel computational methods and tools to explore dynamics of 3D genomes in time, essentially providing a 4D view of the genome. These will be used to study cancer and immune regulation processes.

Position 3 (Microbiome Bioinformatics): development of new or improved algorithms, tools, and analysis pipelines for holistic microbiome bioinformatics on data from both amplicon and metagenomic sequencing, as well as metabolomics.


Experience/relevant background in Bioinformatics, computational sciences, molecular biology, physics, modeling, and/or programming