Microbiologist 3- Bioinformatician

WA State Dept. of Health
Shoreline, Washington, United States
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  • Staff
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Microbiologist 3- Bioinformatician

This position will participate in the daily operations of the Public Health Laboratories (PHL), Office of Public Health Microbiology – Molecular Biology Laboratory for communicable disease surveillance. This Microbiologist 3 will work on the surveillance and detection of foodborne and communicable disease clusters by analyzing next generation sequencing bacterial genomic data from the Illumina platform. This position will work on furthering the goals of the PulseNet program (CDC) which was established to connect foodborne illness cases to detect outbreaks. This position will also work closely with the GenomeTrakr network (FDA) which utilizes whole genome sequencing for pathogen identification.

This is a full-time project Microbiologist 3 within the Division of Disease Control and Health Statistics – Public Health Laboratories, Microbiology. This recruitment may be used to fill other Microbiologist 3 positions within the section.


•Integrate and analyze genomic data from bacterial isolates using various typing tools to infer strain relationship (MLST, Phylogenetics, etc.).
•Work with NGS data from various sources: local, NCBI, DDBJ, ENA and others.
•Develop analytic methods and strategies to integrate the workflow, output and analysis from NGS data into a molecular epidemiology report.
•Perform statistical or other bioinformatics based analysis to generate quality control and data output reports, visualizations, and publication-quality graphics where appropriate.
•Create, manipulate, and merge large and complex data sets.
•Participate in writing weekly reports.
•Attend and present data at internal and external scientific meetings.
•Collaborate with colleagues from other PHLs and institutions for shared resources, ideas and workflows.
•Provide technical expertise and support to colleagues from the Western PulseNet region (HI, AK, OR, CA, NV) in the form of phone and email communications.
•Proactively identify potential problems and address quickly or bring to the attention of the appropriate team member.


The ideal candidate will be someone who has professional experience developing workflows to analyze whole genome sequencing data from bacterial pathogens for diagnostic and epidemiological purposes.

And, have the following REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: (NOTE: Experience may have been gained concurrently.)
•A Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, or Bioscience Engineering.
•Two (2) or more years (full-time equivalency) of professional experience in bioinformatics applied to microbial genetics.