Computational Biologist

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Toronto, ON, Canada
Job Type:
  • Staff
Degree Level Required:
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Computational Biologist

The Simpson lab at OICR develops algorithms and software for processing genome sequencing data. A particular interest of the group is developing methods to perform genome assembly, variation discovery and base modification detection for the Oxford Nanopore long read sequencing instruments. The successful applicant will help develop and apply our methods to large datasets that are being generated in collaboration with nearby hospitals and research institutes. The possible projects range from building pipelines for de novo assembly, analyzing cancer genomes or the development of targeted panels for assaying high-impact mutations in cancer.


• Develop tools and methods to analyze data generated by nanopore sequencers; • Build reproducible, shareable pipelines for processing large datasets; • Analyze, test and interpret the results of your software to ensure accuracy and robustness; • Collaborate with internal and external scientists.


• A Bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics, bioinformatics or a related discipline; • Proficient in Python; • Familiarity with statistics and probabilistic models; • Experience working within a Linux environment; • Familiar with best practices in software development like the use of version control systems, testing and coding standards; • Experience with genomics or high-throughput sequencing is helpful but not required.