PDF for for computational molecular dynamics simulation of lipid oxidation

University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
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  • Postdoctoral (Three year tern)
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PDF for for computational molecular dynamics simulation of lipid oxidation

Lipid oxidation is a serious problem against long-term storage and application of oils and fats in food and beverages. Due to lipid oxidation, edible oils and fat-containing foods may develop undesirable off flavours and odours and become rancid over long-term storage. Apart from bulk oil, another major application of lipid is in the form of an emulsion, where oil droplets coated with a layer of emulsifier are dispersed in the continuous aqueous phase. Lipid oxidation happens much faster in emulsions compared to bulk oil. In the proposed research, our goal is to identify the key processes of lipid oxidation through computer simulations at the atomic level and then design appropriate models to verify by experiment. This combination will provide a unique insight into the fundamental mechanism of lipid oxidation. To this date, no study has looked into utilizing the power of computation to solve such an urgent and critical problem in the food industry, and we seek to fill that knowledge gap by adopting an innovative cross-discipline approach.


The incumbent will work on computational molecular dynamics simulation of lipid oxidation to develop potential strategies to prevent lipid oxidation in emulsion and encapsulation matrices. The successful candidate is encouraged to contribute ideas and carry out independent research to improve its efficiency and accuracy


Education: PhD in Computational Biology/Chemistry, Molecular Modeling, or a related field. Eligibility: PhD received within the past 2 years or expected within 6 months of appointment (starting 1st Jan. 2021).

Experience: Scientific programming/scripting in Linux using one or more general-purpose languages (e.g., FORTRAN, python, bash, awk, etc.,); track record in computational biology. Familiarity with open-source computational software, such as AMBER, GROMACS, DLPOLY etc.

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Salary: Starting from $40 depending on prior experience.

University of Saskatchewan values equality, diversity and inclusion. We strongly encourage applications from members of the four designated equity groups (women, members of a visible minority, Indigenous persons, and persons with disabilities)