PhD students

University of Ottawa
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Job Type:
  • Graduate Position (Contact me at as soon as possible)
Degree Level Required:
Masters, Bachelor's
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PhD students

The minimum salary is Canadian $20,500/year, in the form of TAship and RAship. Job starts on September 1, 2019. Choose one of the following areas and we will discuss your project in detail:

Evolution of splicing machinery and alternative splicing Evolution and optimization of translation control in bacteria and phages bioinformatics: algorithms and software development Large-scale phylogeographic patterns and processes molecular phylogenetics (of deep phylogenies)


  1. Perform assigned TA duties.
  2. Interact regularly with your supervisor, other members of your advisory committee, and other lab mates to ensure a timely completion of your PhD project (ideally three years, but not longer than four years.)


A MSc degree, or a BSc degree with exceptional research experience. Good communication skills are required because you will be assigned teaching assistant duties.

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