Graduate Positions: Metagenomic Analysis, Polyploids, Ancestral Graph Modelling

University of Guelph
Guelph, ON, Canada
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Graduate Positions: Metagenomic Analysis, Polyploids, Ancestral Graph Modelling

[1] Metagenomic analysis and theory

This project will apply and extend theory that studies metagenomic data using population genetic principles. The starting point is recent theory from my group that focuses on amplicon-based approaches and uses the coalescent to detect whether subsets of individuals within a species or taxonomic group go unamplified using genetic sequence data at hand. The project can then be extended to shotgun-based methods. A link to a foundational paper related to the project is

[2] Modelling polyploid population genetics and evolution

This project would apply and extend recent multilocus population genetic models of polyploids to understand the evolution of recombination rates and the diploidization process in polyploids. It follows from interesting research that indicates recombination rates readily evolve in polyploids and that the diploidization process is not equal across genomes. Papers related to the multilocus theory are and

[3] Ancestral graph theory of ecological communities

My group has started modelling ecological communities using ancestral graph approaches. I am looking for a student interested in extending this approach to modelling the evolution of core and flexible genomes in bacterial communities. In addition, the approach can be applied to inferring processes shaping eukaryotic communities. A paper related to this work is


The individual would complete either an MSc or PhD program at the University of Guelph in either the Department of Integrative Biology or Bioinformatics. The funding model includes a teaching assistant position each year during the program.


My research group is a small one with lots of personal attention, and allows for taking students with fairly basic math and scientific computing skills to a high level.

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    Please send a short statement of interest, a brief CV and a relevant academic transcript (which can be unofficial).

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Principal Investigator:

Cortland Griswold Associate Professor Department of Integrative Biology University of Guelph