Software Developer

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Toronto, ON, Canada
Job Type:
  • Programmer/Developer
Degree Level Required:
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Software Developer

The main areas covered by GSI are:
• Lab tracking: We develop the open source MISO LIMS augmented by internally developed applications;
• Pipeline/Data management: We use workflow systems like SeqWare ( to automate and streamline data analysis, tracking, and workflow management;
• Data release: Archiving data for long term storage and releases data to public archives;
• Reporting: We maintain a suite of specialized reports to help forecasting, lab operations and strategy;
• Bioinformatics support: Includes alignment, de novo assembly, variant detection, quantification of tumour heterogeneity and purity, RNA-seq analysis, variant significance prediction, and structural variant calling as well as any other specific project requirements.

Software developers in GSI are enthusiastic and autonomous, responsible for full stack development and deployment. As part of the team, you will be involved in all aspects of implementation, testing, and deployment of new applications for high impact cancer research. You will use our 8500 core compute cluster and 4 petabytes of storage to create long term solutions to analyze, track and secure big data and explore new technologies and systems to take us into the future. Many of GSI’s software projects are open-source and available on Github:


• Designing and crafting software pipelines and applications to meet cancer research needs;
• Improving existing applications with new features and enhancements;
• Ensuring that the sequencing software pipelines are consistently, reliably, efficiently and correctly processing data;
• Deploying applications for production and development as required;
• Suggesting improvements and working with other team members to implement them;
• Supporting production by troubleshooting bugs and preventing outages;
• Building APIs and web services that link our systems together and facilitate reporting;
• Documenting and communicating pipeline processes, building the team knowledge base, and creating developer documentation and user guides; and
• Writing clean code, using source code control, unit and integration testing, and continuous integration.


You have experience in end-to-end software development, responding to and diagnosing feature requests and bugs;
• You have strong experience working in a Linux environment and using the shell;
• You are competent with a general purpose software development language such as Java or C++;
• You want to contribute to all parts of the development process;
• You understand software engineering principles;
• You communicate clearly;
• You can understand complex problems and develop solutions;
• You have some knowledge of biology, genetics or sequencing;
• You have an open source account (e.g. Github) that contains examples of your code. Please provide this in your application.