Research Scientist II

Laval University
Quebec, QC, Canada
Job Type:
  • Staff (24 months)
Degree Level Required:
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Research Scientist II

The development of a method of cytogenomics and molecular genetics by a genome sequencing approach. This research project will be carried out over a period of 2 years, the purpose of which is to develop a test for the detection of balanced and non-balanced chromosomal abnormalities Balanced more efficient. Results will improve test resolution Currently used cytogenetics, precision, cost-effectiveness and integration into genomic medicine.


  • Assist the research professionals and the researcher in the organization of work, the development and execution of research protocols, as well as any other task related to proper functioning of the laboratory;
  • Supervise laboratory work of technicians and students, including coordination, analysis and review of their work;
  • Contribute to the writing of scientific articles, as well as the analysis and interpretation of search results;
  • Prepare research protocols and refine existing research tools;
  • Act as the person in charge of setting up and administering collection tools data;
  • Plan document search related to a project, method, tool, or system data collection


  • Hold a graduate degree in the field of genetics, cytogenetics, biology molecular, cell biology or related relevant field;
  • Demonstrate strong scientific skills
  • Demonstrate knowledge and relevant experience in the field of research described;
  • To master English and French as much in writing as in the oral;
  • Possess skills with the NGS system and SAMtouls, Bedtools and Picard tools;
  • Demonstrate ease with the programming language (C / C ++, Python, Java, Scala)
  • Demonstrate professionalism, organizational skills, diligence and rigor, as well as god interpersonal communication.
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    Please send your most up-to-date CV/resume and cover letter

Additional Information

Preferred assets: Benefits and working conditions Work in the largest Francophone Research Center in Canada; Work schedule: full time, day time, 35 hours / week; Place of work: Research Center, CHUL site Group insurance scheme; Pension Plan (RRGEOP); Salary and competitive benefits.