NSERC-funded summer internship

Université Laval
Quebec, QC, Canada
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  • Staff
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NSERC-funded summer internship

Lipogenic yeasts accumulate significant amounts of lipids in the form of lipid bodies. These yeasts present a great opportunity as renewable sources of biofuels as well as precursors of therapeutic molecules based on these lipids. Each oleaginous yeast carries a unique profile of the lipids it produces, which reflects on different potential applications. Therefore, the study and characterization of the biochemical composition of these lipids allows the prediction of their potential. In this project, two oleaginous yeasts, namely, Yarrowia lipolytica and Rhodotorula toruloides are under study.


Applicants are expected to do the following: 1- Contribute in the formulation of the problematic and the hypothesis of work. 2- Contribute in design of experiments. 3- Conduct dry (bio- and cheminformatics) and wet-lab experiments (gene cloning and analysis of metabolites). 4- Analyze and interpret resulting data. 5- Write research articles


This call is for undergraduates registered to programs with a focus on one or more of these domains: biology, microbiology, biochemistry, organic chemistry are valued. The research intern is expected to build experience in metabolomics, chemistry / biochemistry, microbiology, microscopy, imaging, and molecular analyses using LC-MS and others.