Bioinformatics Analyst in RNA Biology and Genomics

Montreal Clinical Research Institute (IRCM)
Montreal, QC, Canada
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  • Staff
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Bioinformatics Analyst in RNA Biology and Genomics

Our laboratory employs a combination of approaches in molecular cell biology, functional genomics and bioinformatics to define the impact of RNA localization on cellular organization and disease. Our team is highly multi-disciplinary and actively involved in major collaborative efforts with both academic (e.g. ENCODE/ENCORE consortium) and private sector partners, with a strong perspectives for the creation of start-up ventures. The candidate will work in close supervision with Drs. Jérôme Waldispühl et Mathieu Blanchette, expect collaborators in the fields of bioinformatics and machine learning.


The candidate will participate in the analysis and RNA-seq datasets that aim to map the intracellular distribution dynamics of the transcriptome. They will also develop innovative data visualization interfaces and RNA sequence/structure profiling approaches to glean underlying regulatory features. More broadly, they will be asked to:

- Develop new bioinformatics and machine learning tools for RNA subcellular localization analysis and prediction
- Analyze publicly-available and in-house data to shed light onto the mechanisms of RNA regulation, with a focus on subcellular localization.
- Significant opportunities for methodological innovation and for creating new biological insights that will then be validated experimentally.
- Tight interaction with both wet-lab researchers, bioinformaticians, and machine learning experts.


Applicants should have completed undergraduate level training in computer science, bioinformatics or a complementary field with a strong programming component. Moreover, individuals with experience in genomics/transcriptomics, molecular biologie and/or biochemistry will be given strong consideration.

  • How to Apply

    Please send a cover letter, academic transcripts and an updated CV (including the names and contact information of three referees) by email to Salary will be commensurate with experience.