Computational biologist/biostatistician, ovarian cancer systems medicine

Institut Pasteur
Paris, Ile-de-France, France
Job Type:
  • Postdoctoral
Degree Level Required:
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Computational biologist/biostatistician, ovarian cancer systems medicine

A computational biologist/biostatistician position is open at Institut Pasteur, an internationally renowned research institute in the center of Paris, France. The successful candidate will work in the Systems Biology group (, which develops and applies computational models for the understanding and therapy of complex disease on the basis of heterogeneous genome-scale data sets. The highly international and interdisciplinary environment of the Systems Biology Lab and Institut Pasteur is conducive for developing a large spectrum of skills at the interface between data-driven computational biology and biomedical applications. The HERCULES project …brings together ten research groups and one company from eight different organizations across Europe with expertise in first-hand clinical care of ovarian cancer patients, tumor cell biology, systems medicine, drug response modeling, single-cell sequencing methodologies, biological network modeling, and development of diagnostic systems for clinical use. Bioinformatics and data analysis are an integral part of the project, and the close integration with experimental, biological, and clinical partners fosters the discovery and validation of biomedically relevant results. We offer a two-year contract with possibility of extension.


The candidate will have to

  • understand the biological and clinical datasets and questions,
  • define the most appropriate statistical data analysis approaches,
  • carry out statistical analyses of high-throughput data (drug effects, network modeling, etc.),
  • communicate the results in meetings, scientific seminars, conferences and articles. The development of innovative data analysis methodology will be encouraged.



  • A recent PhD in a systems biology-related field,
  • good theoretical knowledge in multidimensional data analysis (exploratory and regression data analysis, automated classification methods),
  • practical experience with statistical high-throughput data analysis in molecular biology,
  • documented experienced in scientific programming,
  • a strong interest in molecular and cancer biology,
  • excellent communication skills, team spirit, and the capacity to work autonomously and deliver results on time.
  • How to Apply

    Candidates should send * CV, * one or two publications likely to be most pertinent for this application, * a brief statement of the motivation to apply.