MSc and PhD in computational biology and biological data science

Western University
London, ON, Canada
Job Type:
  • PhD (Also MSc)
Degree Level Required:
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MSc and PhD in computational biology and biological data science

My lab will open at Western University in April 2022. Western is a great institution in Canada with a long history of excellence in research and teaching. It has a vibrant medical school and dedicated basic researchers. I have several positions open in computational biology, systems biology and the biological data sciences. You can read more about the different on-going projects in my lab here … We have positions open in Cancer Informatics that is highly statistical and translational, and positions that are more quantitative methods including machine learning/deep learning approaches in single cell fungal genomics and microscopy. We also have several positions open for bench scientists working in these domains.


These positions are graduate positions at Western University. You are responsible for completing the degree requirements of the program; that program depends on your background and research interests to some extent. Your main goal is to do excellent research. There is a short presentation about life in my lab here:


For people interested in computational biology/data science positions: preferably an undergraduate or MSc level training in computational biology or related field including either the pure quantitative sciences. For people interested in bench work: preferably prior training at the undergraduate or graduate level in molecular biology.

  • How to Apply

    Please send a c.v. and short letter explaining your fit to the position.