Research Associate II

University Health Network
Toronto, ON, Canada
Job Type:
  • Programmer/Developer (Master's Degree in Computer Science / Information Science)
Degree Level Required:
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Research Associate II

In the first phase of the project, simple pipelines – PyRadiomics and ElasticNet for instance – will be first implemented to investigate data quality and set the baseline for more complex pipelines. In the second phase, deep learning techniques – convolutional neural networks for instance – will be developed to generate new imaging features and combine them with genomic and demographic data. The models will be thoroughly compared to ensure that the increase in complexity is accompanied with a significant increase in predictive value.


Researchers will be responsible to process the imaging data and collaborate with genomics experts to jointly analyze the imaging and ctDNA genomic information.

Familiarity with the following will be important for this project:
•Experience in handling MRI images
•Python coding experience •Machine learning concepts relevant to predictive modeling (model’s capacity, risk of overfitting, validation frameworks) •An understanding of statistical analysis.


•Master’s Degree in Computer Science, information science, related field or proven equivalent experience. •Strong Python development skills with a minimum of seven (7) years’ experience, preferably in the area of Medical Imaging •Experience with Algorithm development and software automation •Minimum of 3 years’ experience with GPU acceleration and numerical optimization. •Experience with MRI image processing and reconstruction •Ability to work independently and self-manage within a dynamic team environment. •Experience working with code and project management software. •Excellent written and oral communication skills. •Experience supervising students is an asset