Research Data Manager (TOSI)

McGill University
Montreal, QC, Canada
Job Type:
  • Staff (Full-time, permanent)
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Research Data Manager (TOSI)

The Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital (The Neuro) is the first health-research institution in the world to fully embrace Open Science at the institutional level. The Tanenbaum Open Science Institute has been created to drive that paradigm shift, with a dual mission of 1) enhancing full implementation of The Neuro’s Open Science Guiding Principles within The Neuro and 2) encouraging and incentivizing the global academic community to embrace and adopt Open Science.

Position Summary:

Reporting to the CEO of TOSI, the TOSI Research Data Manager will support Neuro researchers in openly sharing a diversity of research outputs, with a concentration on research data but also including software, protocols, and methods. This support will consist of one-on-one engagement to assess needs and develop sharing solutions as well as connecting researchers to existing services offered by McGill. The TOSI Research Data Manager will also foster the growth of Open Science practice within The Neuro through effective communication of identified solutions to the research community and help ensure TOSI promotes adherence to evolving global norms and best practices in Open Science.


Primary Responsibilities:

Spearheads the development and implementation of strong research data management services at The Neuro and promotes good data management and data-sharing practices. Key to this role will be an approach that makes use of the variety of existing sharing solutions and platforms within The Neuro, McGill, and externally in such a way that identified solutions effectively support researchers in meeting the vision of The Neuro’s Open Science Principles.

Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

-Promoting and enhancing open science practices in Neuro labs and making sure highest standards of data-sharing are met. -Engage with Neuro researchers at all levels to assess data management and sharing needs. -Identify existing Open Science sharing tools and best practices, assist researchers in employing them, and provide Neuro researchers and trainees with the necessary support based on their specific needs. -Where appropriate to the needs of researchers, promote the use of Neuro-developed data sharing platforms. -Support interoperability between new solutions and existing platforms/tools. -Ensure The Neuro`s full adherence to Tri-Council new policy on Data Management Plans -Work with a network of Neuro and McGill colleagues to establish collaborations and working groups, towards creating a community of practice for data sharing solutions -Work with Neuro Communications team to ensure that identified best practices and tools are clearly communicated on The Neuro’s website. -Identify case studies where research is currently being shared or where a new sharing solution was found and leverage those examples for use by other researchers and in communications. -Create toolkits and tutorials based on identified solutions. -Work with other TOSI Staff to ensure that the Open Science needs of Neuro researchers are identified and create action plans and recommendations to meet those needs. -Collaborate with the TOSI Grassroots Committee on the implementation of specific programs and projects aiming at increasing data-sharing and best practices. -Liaise with the TOSI Alliance Officer to share best practices, case studies, lessons learned, and identified sharing solutions to support engagement efforts with external partners. -Contribute to the planning of special events like hackathons, seminars, forums for invited speakers. -Contribute to identifying and implementing metrics for measuring the uptake of open science practices


1.Experience in a related Open Science platform in a technical role, such as data manager, data steward, or data wrangler.

2.Experience with some computational systems work on as many operating systems as possible (Linux, MacOs and Windows).

3.Experience with one or more repository tools (GitHub, BitBucket, Open Science Framework).

4.Experience and knowledge with a variety of Open Science practices, (ie.. submission of DNA or RNA sequences to NCBI or EBI; open sharing of neuroimaging and clinical data; submission of manuscripts to BioRxiv; submission of source code on GitHub; openly sharing research methods and protocols.

5.Ability to translate best practices of research data management and sharing into concrete services and advice for individual researchers.

6.Knowledge of research data and manuscript policies in the Canadian academic environment (Funder and publisher mandates, Data citation principles and practices, Research data lifecycle best practices, Data management planning).

7.Demonstrated skill in describing complex concepts in a simple and convincing way.

8.Ability to adjust explanations and training methods to specific audiences, especially researchers and trainees.

9.Demonstrated project management skills for technical and life science initiatives .

10.Ability to interact effectively and work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders, including academics and technology staff.

  1. Creative and analytical thinking skills and good problem-solving ability.

12.Experience with the following suites: Office 365 suite, Google suite, Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook, Slack, and any wiki platform.

13.Experience with bio- and neuroinformatics associated data workflows an asset.

  1. Experience with any neuroimaging modalities, e.g. MRI, PET, EEG an asset. Bilingual (English/French) written and spoken

15.Experience with any of the following: shell scripting, python, R, existing data sharing platforms.

Additional Information

This position is permanent and full time (33.75/week)

The dateline to apply is 01/08/2022