PhD Scholarship in bioinformatics applied to ancient DNA

Technical University of Denmark
Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark
Job Type:
  • PhD
Degree Level Required:
Masters, Bachelor's
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PhD Scholarship in bioinformatics applied to ancient DNA

DTU Health Tech is looking for a qualified candidate for a vacant PhD position in bioinformatics. In this position, you will develop algorithms and computational methods to deal with the analysis of large datasets from modern and ancient sources. More specifically, these algorithms will be aimed at analyzing relationships between ancient and modern populations. The bioinformatics section of DTU Health Tech performs research in the areas of different metagenomics, cancer genomics and population genomics.


Current bioinformatics algorithms and software are often ill-equipped to deal with DNA extracted from ancient sources. This ancient DNA shows high levels of fragmentation and accumulated chemical damage. Furthermore, ancient sediments often contain DNA from multiple species and often multiple individuals. Fortunately, several problems pertaining to ancient DNA can be described in a maximum-likelihood framework and computer science techniques can help us to solve such numerical problems efficiently via numerical algorithms and data structures. You will work in collaboration with other partners including the University of Copenhagen and McMaster University in order to develop the next generation of algorithms and software applied to DNA extract from fossils, ancient soils and sediments.


You must have a two-year master’s degree (120 ECTS points) or a similar degree with an academic level equivalent to a two-year master’s degree in addition to a bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS points).

Ideally, your degree should be in computer science, mathematics or biological science with a focus on quantitative and mathematical aspects.

More specifically you should ideally have the following qualifications:

Knowledge of a programming language like Python, Perl, C++ and/or Java (C/C++ is preferred) Ability to work in a UNIX environment, ideally in a high-performance computing environment Thorough understanding of basic algorithms and data structures used in computer science Knowledge of probabilities and statistics Firm grasp of first-year university mathematics (differential calculus/linear algebra) Experience in bioinformatics and knowledge of metagenomics are a plus Expertise in next-generation sequencing data generation and processing are also a plus The language of communication at DTU is English.

Additional Information

Deadline is December 12th 2021.