Research fellow/analyst in population genetics

Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences
Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
Job Type:
  • Staff
Degree Level Required:
Masters, PhD
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Research fellow/analyst in population genetics

We are seeking an ambitious, versatile statistical geneticist to join the bioinformatics team at A*STAR Institute for Clinical Sciences (SICS). The position’s primary function is to analyze human genetic data to quantify statistical support for biomarkers of health outcomes, provide bioinformatics/statistical genetics analyses to ongoing projects, and test methodologies developed by statisticians within and outside of SICS. The position is primarily based within the SICS bioinformatics team (led by Dr Dennis Wang), but will work with several data science teams to apply new statistical methods and interrogate genomic datasets. The candidate would also have frequent opportunities to interact with final decision-makers, diverse teams within SICS, and external collaborators.


Job Responsibilities

· Process and conduct quality control, including identifying biases, on genomic data from microarrays and sequencing.

· Use a broad array of available datasets to interpret human genetic associations to disease and map genetic variants to target genes to validate drug targets and identify novel ones

· Design and conduct innovative analyses to support or oppose proposed mechanisms for influencing health outcomes by specific exposures

· Stay up to date on state-of-the-art statistical genetics and genomics literature

· Apply innovative approaches developed by other computational researchers to mine novel insights from both Mendelian and complex human genetics

· Identify and acquire other data assets and improve the accessibility of this information by building tools to query the data along with existing datasets interactively

· Communicate results and analyses clearly to both technical and non-technical audiences


Education, Experience & Skills Requirements

· Ph.D. in statistical genetics, human genetics or similar field, or bachelors/masters in statistics or epidemiology plus 3-5+ years of relevant experience in genetics

· Experience with genotype-phenotype association studies (GWAS, PheWAS, etc.) in the context of large biobanks (ex. UK Biobank)

· Direct working experience with genetic datasets of >1000 individuals from genotyping array, WES, or WGS.

· Experience in variant annotation, linking variant to gene, and identifying associated cell type/tissue

· Understanding of functional genomics datasets and their use in elucidating the mechanism of action

· Knowledge in Mendelian randomization and polygenic risk scores

· Understand the correct applications and limitations of large biobanks and association studies

· Experience with working on large HPC systems or cloud environment

· Demonstrable scripting / programming ability in at least one language (Python, R, Matlab, etc.)

· Comfortable working in a team and with individuals without a genetics background

Additional Information

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