PhD student position in Bioinformatics / Computational biology

Laval University
Quebec, QC, Canada
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PhD student position in Bioinformatics / Computational biology

Immune checkpoint blockades (ICBs), molecules that restore the immune system’s ability to recognize and eliminate tumor cells, have revolutionized the treatment for some adult cancers. To be efficient, ICBs need the tumor to be primarily infiltrate with immune cells, especially activated «inflamed» T-cells. Only a small percentage of pediatric tumors are sensitive to ICBs. We believe that ICBs sensitivity is highly dependent on tumor immune composition and can be anticipated.

For this study, large scale genomics dataset from hundreds of childhood cancers (solid tumors and leukemias) will be analyzed by high-throughput bioinformatics and machine learning approaches. Gene expression and mutational landscape analysis will be used to identify subgroups of tumors that harbor a rich immune infiltrate, to explore the B- and T-cell repertoire and to investigate the genes and pathways that drive the tumor immune recruitment/desertion.

This collaborative project involves clinicians and researchers from several centers across Canada and is intended to have clinical and therapeutic impacts. The potential candidates will be in charge of developing methods and strategies to perform the analysis. They are expected to comprehend molecular biology and bioinformatics, be able to work self-productively and to be capable of taking initiatives.


We are looking to recruit a highly motivated candidate interested in bioinformatics methods, integrations of OMICS analysis and machine learning.


The candidate should hold a Ph.D. degree in bioinformatics or a related field. Research experience in omic approaches and excellent oral and written communication skills are essential.

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