PhD in bioinformatics

INRIA, University of Rennes (France)
Rennes/Lille, Bretagne, France
Job Type:
  • PhD
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PhD in bioinformatics

The recruited Ph.D. will explore new ways for incrementing pan-genome graph(s) with novel sequences or pre-determined variants, while maintaining graph features (annotations, indexation). A special care will also be provided regarding the graph splitting strategies: when the graph is getting too complex and/or too big, we may have interest to split it into two (or more) sub-graphs. Sub-graphs can also be seen as hierarchical, storing distinct level of informations (variants, strains, specices, metadata, …) The work will include pure algorithmic tasks (indexation, data representation, mapping) and application to real biological data-sets in collaboration with the CEA Genoscope and Deinove compagny, who will co-supervise the work.


Collaboration :

The recruited Ph.D. student will work in the GenScale team at Inria Rennes, France. She/he will work in close collaboration with the Alpaca partners, in particular with CEA Genoscope France, Deinove France, and Bielefield University Germany. Several stays in those remote places are planned. Camille Marchet (CNRS Lille) will be the main superviser.


Masters in CS