2 years (2021-2023) postdoctoral position in symbolic AI and Statistical Machine Learning (ML)

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  • Postdoctoral
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2 years (2021-2023) postdoctoral position in symbolic AI and Statistical Machine Learning (ML)

The Post-doc will work within a multidisciplinary collaborative research project co-led by UQAM (Dr Petko Valtchev) and Laval University (Dr Eric Paquet) together with the industrial partners Lactanet (https://www.lactanet.ca/) and MIMs (https://www.mims.ai/).

Funding: Competitive funding for up to 24 months is available.


This postdoc will contribute into a project to develop a prototype of resilience analysis with an artificial intelligence core based on knowledge representation and machine learning in the dairy sector. Resilience will be studied and modelled from the perspective of analyses of anomalies in multidimensional time series of dairy production data, measurements and characterization of resilience at various degrees of aggregation (cows, groups of cows, herds) and at different time scales (daily, monthly). The prototype will include indicators of resilience characterization.


The candidate must have at least two of the following skill sets:

  1. Sound mathematical background in ML-related fields (statistics and linear algebra) plus a. Experience in Machine Learning and/or Data Mining (classification, regression, anomaly detection, etc.) b. Mastering modern frameworks (TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, etc)
  2. Mastery of maths behind Data and Knowledge modelling (Logics and Graph Theory) plus a. Experience in Ontology design and/or Knowledge graph construction b. Mastering the semantic technology stack (RDF/S, OWL, SPARQL, SKOS, Shakl) and SQL
  3. Practical experience in developing data-centred AI tools a. Very good programming skills (Python, C++, or R) b. Mastering Big Data processing with modern architectures (Spark, …)
    Post doc position - Requirements
    • a recent Ph.D. degree in the following areas: Computer Science/Engineering, Applied Mathematics.
    • Analytical and modelling skills and creative thinking with a hard working attitude.
    • A sound publication record with visible impact.
  • How to Apply

    Interested applicants should submit their application at: Abdoulaye Baniré Diallo (abd@mims.ai).