Senior Bioinformatics / Analysis of Array, WES, WGS

Centre de recherche du CHU Ste Justine
Montréal, QC, Canada
Job Type:
  • Staff (Assistant research)
Degree Level Required:
Masters, PhD
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Senior Bioinformatics / Analysis of Array, WES, WGS

Our lab is focused on understanding the effect of rare genomic variants on cognition, behavior, brain structure and function. We have initially focused on specific genomic variants such as fragile X syndrome and the 16p11.2 deletions and duplications. These strategies are very powerful, and circumvent the extreme biological heterogeneity of autism and neurodevelopmental disorders (NDs). We recognize, however, that most rare genetic variants identified in the clinic remain undocumented and continuing to focus on only a few rare mutations is not a viable strategy. We are currently developing new modeling strategies to study the effect on cognition, behavior, brain structure and function of very rare non-recurrent mutations genome wide. Our first results are now published - Huguet and al. (JAMA psychiatry 2018). The new project explores the impact of genetic variants (CNV and SNV) to be analyzed includes genotyping data and sequencing data (exome and complete genome) on approximately 390,000 individuals. Please use this link to apply for the job (before 2019-01-25):


• Identification, annotation, analysis of genetic variants;
• Management and coordination of laboratory bioinformatics work;
• Develop and write procedures for processing data in the laboratory;
• Organize and prioritize data on servers (Compute Canada);
• Document and communicate the process of analysis, results, tools and techniques used;
• Interact with laboratory members to develop analysis strategies;


• Experience in code on one of the following languages: C ++, python, Matlab, R, etc …;
• Education level: Master’s degree or PhD in bioinformatics, computer science or equivalent;
• Ability to work in groups on several projects;
• Good competence in “Data management”;
• Professional experience of more than 3 years;
• Experience in genetics and genomics;

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    Please use this link to apply for the job (before 2019-01-25):