Research Assistant in Computational Proteomics / SysteMHC Atlas

University of Montreal
Montreal, QC, Canada
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  • Staff
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Research Assistant in Computational Proteomics / SysteMHC Atlas

The Caron Lab ( is seeking a motivated candidate who will lead the SysteMHC Atlas project ( The selected candidate will also manage the bioinformatics resources in the lab.

The SysteMHC Atlas project aims at collecting, organizing and sharing immunopeptidomic data generated by mass spectrometry. The Atlas includes raw mass spectrometer output files, context-specific datasets of HLA class I and class II peptides and standardized HLA allele-specific peptide spectral libraries. The Atlas is linked to the PRIDE proteomics identification database, the Immune Epitope Database (IEDB), and the SWATHAtlas database. The SysteMHC computational infrastructure and website will be continuously developed toward a high quality community-driven global mapping of the human immunopeptidome.


• Coordinate and transfer the IT infrastructure of the SysteMHC Atlas project, currently located at ETH-Zürich, Switzerland • Organize mass spectrometry data on servers (Calcul Québec/Compute Canada) • Become expert with the source code of the “Trans-Proteomic Pipeline” • Collaborate with international teams involved in the development of different public databases • Collaborate closely with other members of the Caron Lab to analyze various datasets • Teach bioinformatics to laboratory members


• MSc degree in computer science or bioinformatics; • Demonstrate strong leadership and autonomy; • Ideally ≥ 2 years experience after graduation in the field of genomics and / or proteomics and mass spectrometry; • Experience in programming (R, python, C ++, Java, etc.); • Expertise in WEB programming; • Coordination and management skills; • Group work skills and good interpersonal skills; • Have an interest in teaching; • Proficiency in French and English (spoken and written)