Trainees, MSc/PhD Students, Postdocs

Université Laval
Quebec, QC, Canada
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  • Graduate Position (January 2020)
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Bachelor's, PhD, Masters, Undegraduates are welcome too
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Trainees, MSc/PhD Students, Postdocs

Synthetic biology is a rising domain that is interdisciplinary by nature. Given that our specific focus is in Chemical synthetic biology, we are particularly interested in developing biomolecules that find applications in health, energy and bioremediation purposes. Our projects are categorized under 6 themes which include both dry- and wet-lab activities. Moreover, we have projects aiming at developing molecular biology tools for microbial hosts used as synthetic biology platforms. Last but not least, we have a couple of projects that aim at advancing the fundamental understanding of the biochemistry of certain secondary metabolites in their natural producers. For further details, please visit this URL:


Applicants are expected to do the following: 1- Contribute in the formulation of the problematic and the hypothesis of work. 2- Contribute in design of experiments. 3- Conduct dry (bio- and cheminformatics) and wet-lab experiments (gene cloning and phenotypic analysis especially analysis of metabolites). 4- Analyze and interpret resulting data. 5- Write research articles.


We have openings for ambitious and highly motivated researchers of all levels, including, but not limited to, trainees (undergraduate), students (both master and doctoral) and postdoctoral fellows or associates. Admission to the lab is based on merit criteria defined for every category of applicants. These merit criteria include academic excellence, academic background, research/technical experience and communication skills (including language skills). A preference will be given to applicants with academic backgrounds at one or more of the following domains (e.g. biochemistry, microbiology, bioinformatics, biological engineering, chemical bioengineering). In case of equal merits, priority will be given to domestic applicants (i.e. residents of Canada).

Additional Information

Please respect the application deadlines listed in the URL above. Applications are accepted exclusively via the web form found in that same URL.