MSc or PhD positions available

University of Montreal
Montreal, QC, Canada
Job Type:
  • Graduate Position (MSc or PhD)
Degree Level Required:
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MSc or PhD positions available

Available projects:

  1. Inclusion of full backbone flexibility on the fly for virtual screening targets in our molecular docking software FlexAID with the integration of our ENCoM normal mode analysis method.

  2. Development of a methodology to perform massive virtual high-throughoput screening campaigns in drug design.

  3. Utilisation of machine learning techniques to create target-specific scoring functions for virtual screening.

  4. Adapting FlexAID to perform protein-protein docking in solution or within membranes.

  5. Developing a protein engineering suite integrating molecular biophysics concepts and machine learning (artificial intelligence) techniques.


  • Software development and application within your own project and involving collaborations, fulfilling the MSc or PhD requirements as the case may be of the specific program chosen that best suits the student.


  • Inquisitive proactive attitude to research
  • Familiarity with Structural bioinformatics/thermodynamics/statistical mechanics is a plus
  • Familiarity with at least one programming language (e.g., Python, Perl, C/C++, Java)
  • Previous experience with bioinformatics tools and methods is a plus
  • Experience with GitHub is a plus
  • How to Apply

    Please send your CV and motivation letter.

Additional Information

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